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Kolcraft Preferred Position 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper

As I mentioned the other day, our cradle is a bit wobbly after having been stored in the basement.  I am saddened that I don’t think we can use it safely.  When I realized it was wobbly, I immediately started to panic.  We’d used that cradle with Mister and Sister, so we had never even considered getting a bassinet.

As a Kolcraft Mom, I was able to request the Kolcraft Preferred Position 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper.  It happened to come in just before Hubs had to leave on a business trip.  We all know that Hubs does all of the assembly around here.  He’s an engineer, he’s good at it.   Anyway, Hubs was gone, and this box just kept staring at me.  I had to try to put it together myself.  Worse case scenario, I would fail and put it back in the box.  So, I took it all out of the box to have a look see.

Kolcraft Bassinet

The instructions were pretty straightforward.  Put the four rods in these spots, make sure you hear them click.  I can do this.

Kolcraft 2 in 1 Bassinet

Then came the mesh basket assembly.  How hard can a mesh basket be after all? Put this strap over this bar, snap in place.  Pull these fasteners around the bottom bars and snap.

Kolcraft Bassinet Mesh Basket

Piece of cake. Now, on to the actual bassinet basket. Unfold this wire and put it under this clamp.  Done. Now snap the bassinet sides to the bottom board.  Done.  Now put it in the bassinet basket and push it down to make sure it is completely unfolded and no gabs between the bassinet sides and the mattress.  Score. In accordance with AAP guidelines, Kolcraft recommends that the you use only the bassinet pad and sheet provided by Kolcraft.  The sheet is designed to tuck securely around the pad with at least two inches on all sides, to prevent bunching, gaps, and potential entanglement hazards.  Extra sheets or blankets should not be used as they increase the risk of suffocation. You can purchase extra bassinet sheets by calling Kolcraft Customer Service (800-453-7673) and having your bassinet model number handy.  They run $9 plus S/H.  Kolcraft Bassinet 2 in 1

Unlock the bassinet bracket locks on the bottom.  Then place the U brackets on the top bar on one side.  Then place the locking brackets on the top bar on the other side and lock them into place. Kolcraft Bassinet locking

Yay.  I’ve made it this far.  I have a bassinet.  I was doing so well, I thought I could do the next part on my own.  After all, how hard is it to push some straps through a hole?  Not very hard at all.  I did it without problem.  Then I realized I had done it upside down, and the little pillow was going to be on the wrong side.  Ooops.  Read the instructions next time, right?Kolcraft Bassinet Incline Sleeper

That ooboo was quickly and easily remedied.  I put the Incline Sleeper in the bassinet and fastened all the snaps in place.  Then I added the canopy, the adorable bear mobile, and the soothing vibrations thingamabobber.  I didn’t put batteries (3 ‘AA’ batteries ) in it yet, because I know Mister and Sister well enough to know that they’d turn it on every time they walk by!

Kolcraft preferred position 2-in-1 Bassinet

Of course, I had to grab one of Sister’s dolls to model for me, since Little Miss hasn’t made her debut yet. The Kolcraft Preferred Position 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper is the only traditional bassinet that offers the incline option.  Having had one child that had colic, I would have gladly maimed begged someone for this option about five years ago.

The bassinet and incline sleeper are intended for use with infants up to 3 months old (about 15 pounds) and should not be used with a child who can push himself/herself up on hands and knees.  The incline sleeper can be removed easily and the bassinet can be used as a traditional bassinet without it. It also easily converts to a rocking bassinet. It is JPMA Certified.

The Light Vibes electronic unit variable speed control, and has has 10 classical songs, 4 nature sounds, and 3 vocal recordings with volume control.  It also has a soft-glow light you can use to check on the baby.

The adorable bear mobile easily detaches from the bassinet canopy, so you can use it for the crib later on.  The storage basket underneath is a great place to store cloth diapers, onesies, and other necessities.

While I am sad about the cradle, I am so incredibly excited that the bassinet has wheels, which means I can take Little Miss with me wherever I go in the house (upstairs, of course).  The wheels lock, as well, so I can make sure she stays put when need be.

The bassinet is available at Babies R Us stores and and it retails for $139.99.

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. You know, almost every single baby item that I purchased between 2000 and 2007 was recalled due to a safety problem. Every last item. My bassinet, a blanket, the cribs (two of them,) many of the toys, etc. It was frustrating and a little sad.

  2. Having one of these would be so convenient for naps!

  3. i love the size of this – not as huge as a crib or pack and play – nice for our bedroom

  4. I never thought about having an incline in a bassinet. But yes, for colic I can see where that would help 🙂 It does sound very easy to put together and that’s great for a mom to be able to do it on her own! Thank you for the review :))

  5. Shannon Lucas says:

    This bassinet looks wonderful. I love the incline feature! My daughter hated the portable crib we used as her bassinet and refused to sleep in it. I would love this for our next little one 🙂

  6. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I love how the bassinet can be positioned so that the baby can sleep on an incline.

  7. Emily F. says:

    My little guy has reflux, so this would make night feeds so much easier! I wouldn’t have to worry about him being uncomfortable when I put him back to sleep.

  8. Wow, lots of bells and whistles. I love that it has an inclined position.