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My Kitchen Reno Dream

AmazonHomeImprovementSweepsThis morning I received an email from Amazon.  They thought I might like to know about a chance to win a $1,000 Gift Card.

Um, yeah!

I might.


So, I got to thinking.

What would I DO with a $1000 Gift Card from Amazon?

Well, since the sweeps is hosted by the Kitchen and Bath department, I browsed there first, and found a few things I might spend 1G on.

side by side refrigerator

My kitchen reno dream…

This GE Refrigerator would be a nice replacement for the white number I have in my kitchen now.

I prefer side-by-side models because my back just can’t take pulling out a loaded freezer drawer.

I don’t have anything against white refrigerators.

HOWEVER…  my dishwasher, microwave, convection oven, and coffee pot are all stainless.

The white kind of doesn’t go.  Not to mention that the trim around the ice dispenser broke off years ago, and it just isn’t pretty.

KWIM?electric stove

Speaking of not matching… my stove range is also white.  White and black (translate- ugly). So, I found this one…

Isn’t she a beaut?

While I would PREFER a gas range (I learned how to cook on a gas range), our house is equipped for electric.  And this the prettiest electric stove I have seen, and it is GE’s Clean Design.

I like that the controls are at your fingertips on the front of the stove, rather than on a backsplash at the back of the stove.  Of course, I would have to train little fingers to leave the stove alone, but they are already pretty good about not touching it.

I love that the oven is self cleaning, too!

Also on my wish list item right now is the new Kindle Fire.

imageAh, back to my kitchen reno dream…

I am absolutely drooling over this black maple flooring.  I would love to have this gorgeous hardwood throughout my house!  I would like  the look of a distressed black with veins of gray as well.

Since I AM a Klutz (with a capital K), and we’ve been told that it isn’t wise to have wooden floors in the kitchen—as it may become damaged when things are dropped on it—we would have to use ceramic tile or something else in the kitchen.

With the black maple hardwood throughout the house, how gorgeous would this black granite tile be in the kitchen, with those new stainless appliances!


with this tumbled mosaic tile for the back splashes…


Then, just for the pure shock value, I would paint the walls canary yellow and get a vinyl wall decal that says “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”  That, or “Kitchen closed, this chick’s had it.”  LOL.

My husband chuckles at with me, because I typically have a hard time spending money (when I have it).  I tend to sit on it for a while.  Let it ruminate.  I mean, what if I spend it on one thing, and find something the next day that I would LOVE to have, but am fresh out of greenbacks to pay for it.  Since we refuse to live on credit, I would be fresh out of luck!  So, large money decisions takes time… and prayer.  We’ve been wanting to renovate our kitchen for a while now (can you tell?), so I think this is one instance in which I could dispense of the money quickly.

Of course, I haven’t won the sweepstakes (YET), but I can dream, right?

Oh, yeah, if you would like to enter, simply visit the Amazon Home Improvement Sweepstakes Facebook Page.

What would YOU do with a $1000 gift card from Amazon?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I will definitely enter this, thanks!

  2. OH WOW I can certainly use a kitchen makeover > I think my kitchen is from the 80’s lol

  3. I want a bigger kitchen so badly.. I definitely want a new stove!

  4. *Swoon* First, I love your taste. Second I can’t even begin to tell you what I’d do with a $1,000 Amazon g/c but I entered to win so hopefully my dreams can become reality soon