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Kitchen Reno Dream Revisited

Do you remember my Kitchen Reno Dream?  It is getting closer to becoming a reality… since we recently requested a contractor bid to renovate our kitchen :::squeal:::  I am so excited!

With the kitchen reno approaching, I have been looking at TONS of kitchens online. 

You might remember that I really liked the look of a black and white kitchen.  black and white kitchen

I also like the look of a yellow kitchen.  Yellow is so sunshiny and happy!  Look at that yellow kitchen.  Doesn’t it just make you want to smile? 

yellow kitchen

These black counters are nice, but I am thinking we should go with something that is flecked, maybe with white and gray.

black and yellow kitchen

I really like the black table in the above photo, so I wanted to see some yellow kitchens with black tables.  I found this charcoal and yellow kitchen, and think it is LOVELY.  We will eventually end up with all stainless or nickel colored appliances, so I like the gray in there, too.

charcoal and yellow kitchen

When we were chatting with the contractor, he made a very valid point.  He told us that if we want to use a statement color, we should think of using it where it can easily be redone in a few years if we tire of it (i.e. no canary yellow counter tops).  Since I really don’t like the blue countertops that we have now, I heartily agreed. 

Speaking of blue… have you seen Ellie Blue from the Vera Bradley Spring 2012 collection?  LOVE it.

Ellie Blue

We do have blue in our kitchen now (we kinda had to with the countertop color).  I have cobalt blue glasses that were my grandmothers, and we have blue dishes.   I think canary and cobalt, against the backdrop of a light gray wall, would pair nicely with black floors and white cabinetry. 

What do you think?

Oooh…I should get paint samples. 


This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Those are gorgeous..I love the color combos!

  2. AnnaZed says:

    Oh, good point ‘He told us that if we want to use a statement color, we should think of using it where it can easily be redone in a few years if we tire of it (i.e. no canary yellow counter tops)’

    I had not thought of that. I am planning a re-do, but we haven’t gotten very far. Good advice though.

  3. I love them ALL so much! The yellow is my favorite but not “me” although it does make me smile!

  4. I love yellow and black together, add in the blue it’s spectacular.

  5. I love yellow, white, and blue together!

  6. I love that pattern! So exciting!

  7. Our kitchen is the one room we haven’t tackled yet. But it needs it!!

  8. Oh I love that yellow wall, that just makes me happy to look at.

  9. LOL there’s no doubt as to what colors you’re leaning towards. Love them.

  10. I love all of these ideas!

  11. How exciting! I love all the kitchens you chose, but the yellow one is calling my name. 🙂 I am so into yellow lately! Although the one after that with the black counters is probably the safest choice. You know, in case next year you decide you hate yellow like your contractor said!

  12. yay!! Kitchen renos are the best! I love the colors you picked

  13. Wow I love the colors!

  14. I love the fabric you picked out

  15. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful! Love the white/blue/yellow combo.

  16. I am in the midst of a redo in several areas of my house. I have managed to put shelves in my coat closet and it turned out nice and organized next is my laundry room im putting in a new floor painting it and putting up cabinets. Hopefully we are getting a new living room couch after taxes! You will love the change!

  17. I love the yellow in that picture! I could never pull it off in my house, but it is stunning! I would need new appliances…I have white appliances and I think the yellow next to the stainless steel looks great!

  18. I can’t wait to see how it looks!! I am sure that it will be beautiful though.

  19. I’m excited for you! And I love that Vera Bradley collection!

  20. My kitchen needs a makeover.

  21. Great ideas! Our kitchen needs to be redone.. but we are not there yet

  22. looks very similar to my kitchen – except for the yellow. I have a gray, blue black kitchen. you need to post before during and after pictures later

  23. Love the bright colors wish i could remodel my kitchen:)