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Kitchen-less Cooking

Since we are elbow deep in this remodel, we currently have no stove, no sink, no dishwasher, and no garbage disposal in the kitchen.  We are kitchen-less.  Of course, we could eat out every night and blow our budget (not to mention our waist lines), but that just isn’t our style.  Instead, we are having an adventure in kitchen-less cooking, making do with a griddle, a slow cooker, and a microwave.

We started out in the kitchen area…transitional dining

and have moved the table all over the kitchen, dining, living room areas as needed. It has served as a cook surface, as well as meal surface.

griddle cakes

Meals have been simple.  Nacho chicken from the slow cooker one night, then sandwiches with the leftovers the next night.  Eggs.  Griddle cakes.  Sandwiches.  The kids don’t seem to mind, and I am happy to say that I have only resorted to cereal for dinner once… which absolutely made the kids day.

griddle cakes for dinner

I will be glad to cook on the stove again, though.  One can only think of so many slow cooker and microwave meals.  LOL.

Have any suggestions for quick and easy meals that can be made WITHOUT a kitchen?

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