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Killy Sidlets at the St. Louis Zoo

A friend instant messaged me on Facebook that she, her mom, and two other friends, would be in the St. Louis area this weekend for the Joyce Meyer conference.  We chatted for a few minutes, and decided that we should meet at the St. Louis Zoo to catch up with each other.  She moved from Chicago to Wisconsin about the same time I moved from Chicago back to St. Louis (back in 2004) and we hadn’t seen each other since.

So, this morning, I dressed the kids, and off we went.  When they realized we were at the zoo, as we walked up the sidewalk, they took off! The animals always bring out the glee in my kids!

st louis zoo

I love how excited they get!  I like going in the North Entrance at the zoo, because I love to watch them “discover” the turtle in the little fountain structure.

st louis zoo

We quickly found my friends and went out to enjoy the beautiful day in Forest Park.  Mister loved the elephant fountain.

elephant sculpture st louis zoo

Then we were off to Rivers Edge to see the hyenas, anteaters, and cheetah’s.

hyena st louis zooanteater st louis zoocheetah st louis zoo

We were hoping to see Kenzi, the baby elephant, but the elephant enclosure was closed.

Of course, the killy sidlets were on exhibit, too.  The zoo keeper said all killy sidlets had to go home with their parents, they didn’t have an enclosure designed for them.

killy sidletskilly sidlets

While we were by the hippos, the one hippo kept swimming in circles.  Round and round she went.  Then suddenly, she pooped in the water.  Mister says, “Ewwww.  That hippo just pooped in it’s bath, Mommy, that is just GROSS!”

I guess the moral of the story is, if you need to go, run around in circles for an hour, and things move along.

We didn’t have time today, because my friends had to run, but I am determined to stop at the zoo’s Build-A-Bear store so the kids can each make their own Amur Leopard!

St. Louis Zoo is one of only a few free zoo‘s in the U.S. icon What a treasure we have in our own backyard!

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