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KidCo Mesh Window Guard

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Every once in a while my kids do something that makes my heart stand still.  Like when Mister bailed out of the bedroom window in pursuit of the My Little Pony that his sister threw scrapesout of it.  Of course, he didn’t stop to think about the bushes below the window, and when he came limping through the front door a few minutes later, I could have cried.  He had a scrape down his abdomen the length of the Mississippi.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but in the moment, that is what it felt like.  Of course, cleaning that scrape came as quite the eye opener to him (not to mention an ear opener for me, with his screams).

Of course, it was my fault that he went out the window. At least, he thought so.  Just a few days before that, we had been reviewing fire safety and I mentioned that they could climb out their window if the house caught fire.  I DIDN’T mention, let alone stress, that a fire is one of the very few reasons one should climb out the window.  So, in his five year old mind, it was all my fault.  Say what?

Anyway, of course, I reacted quite strongly, and asked Hubs to install the KidCo Mesh Window Guard on their window.  I didn’t want them bailing out of it again.

KidCo Mesh Window Guard

The KidCo Mesh Window Guard deters children from playing with, falling through, or in our case jumping out of a window. It is designed without metal bars and fits window sizes 26”-40”.  It has quick release hardware and meets all ASTM standards.

In our case, the window guard was a temporary solution, and was removed after some intense retraining in fire safety.  We’ve got it on hand for later use when Little Miss gets older.  Hopefully, she’ll learn from Mister’s mistake, and not attempt a free fall from the window ledge!

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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