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KidCo Frozen Treats Trays

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It doesn’t seem to matter what the season is, my kidlets enjoy frozen treats.  They especially enjoy frozen treats that involve chocolate.  I recently spent some time figuring out how to use KidCo Frozen Treats Trays, that I received for review.  The KidCo Frozen Treats Trays are BPA and PHTHALATE FREE.  They are also dishwasher safe.  Each tray has 8 molds, which hold approximately 2 ounces each, and 8 caps that double as frozen treat handles.

KidCo Frozen Treats Tray

^^ yes, I gave him a chocolate pudding pop while he was wearing a white shirt… no, it wasn’t one of my brighter moments.^^

My first try at these trays was with chocolate pudding. While the kids really enjoyed having pudding pops, I failed to thin the pudding before freezing it, so it was not easy to get out of the mold.  My second try at these trays was almond milk with berries.  Those came out of the mold much more easily, but weren’t nearly as pretty as the pudding pop.

I want to try some yogurt and chia seeds recipes, I just have to convince the kidlets that the chia seeds in them are not bugs.  Silly kids.

Do you eat frozen treats year round, or save them for warm weather months?

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