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Kerusso- Christian Apparel and More

Kerusso-Logo-web1As a purveyor of Christian apparel and products, Kerusso is a company that was founded on proclaiming the Christian Gospel, a company that prides itself on safety (the company imagewas awarded the exclusive million plus hour safety plaque by Arkansas Department of Labor on November 17, 2011), quality, and integrity.

Kerusso has quite the line up of Christian t-shirts designed to proclaim the gospel in a creative and thought-provoking way, often reaching someone who may not be open to receiving the message of Christ through other means.  KERUSSO is a Greek wordimage that means “to herald divine truth as a public crier; to preach the gospel.”  To say the least, the designs offered by Kerusso are, at the very least, conversation starters.

I recently had the opportunity to peruse their designs and select two that I would like to sport.  Because Hubs is a tech geek, and because I love a good play on words,  I chose their There’s Power in the Blood and their Walk in the Light designs from their men’s t-shirt selections.  I figured that way, Hubs and I could share the shirts.  Smile As my Dad would say, that’s using my head for something other than a hat rack!

When the shirts came in, I threw them both in the (cold) wash and then because I was the one reviewing them, I got to wear them first.  Fair is fair, right?  Here they are…

There's Power in the BloodWalk in the Light

I had to take the picture of the There’s Power in the Blood shirt myself, as Hubs wasn’t home when I put it on.  Fortunately, I have PSP X4 and can mirror an image, so you can see the text the way it is meant to be seen.  Ha ha.

Both shirts are well constructed, maintained their colors, and washed well.  I wouldn’t have expected any less, though, as I have owned Kerusso shirts in the past and they stood the test of time.  As I see it, if I am going to be a billboard for anything, I am going to be a billboard for Jesus.  As the leading producer of Christian clothing, worldwide, Kerusso has been chosen by authors, artists and filmmakers alike to produce licensed, customized products including for movies such as Courageous, Fireproof and Soul Surfer as well as the book, Heaven is for Real. Kerusso offers t-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, bags, and more.  You can purchase Kerusso products at Christian retailers nationwide, at, and on Amazon.

Other Kerusso designs I like…

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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