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Junior Monet

Press Sample

Mister and Sister both enjoy being artistic.  I love their art projects, and am often conflicted junior monetwhen the project has met it’s shelf life and needs to go bye-bye.  I save a lot of projects in the memory boxes, but some just aren’t conducive to saving.  I recently had the opportunity to work with Junior Monet, a site that was created to celebrate the artist in every child.  You can upload pictures of your child’s artwork, via Instagram, request a Art Kit, or download the Art Paper form (on white cardstock) and have your child create a masterpiece on it.

We chose to do the Art Paper.  I gave Mister and Sister each a piece of the Art Paper and asked them to create a master piece.  Funnily enough, both chose to create rainbows.

Junior Monet in Progress

I mailed the Art Paper back to Junior Monet, and in about a week, I can view their artwork on a number of different keepsakes.  The hard part will be choosing which keepsake I want to order with their artwork on it!  Junior Monet keepsake products include tshirts, cards and postage, ornaments, posters and canvas, journals, iphone cases, totes and bags, jewelry, gifts, and more.  While I’d LOVE to have a bag with their artwork on it, I’ll probably get magnets for the grandparents.  They’d love that!

I love that Junior Monet offers fundraisers, too, with 30% profit for the organization and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Check out Junior Monet on Facebook and Junior Monet on Twitter for exclusive savings.

What would you get your Junior Monet on?  I’ll be sure to show you mine when they come in!

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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