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Jungle Rangers from ifocus

Mister is a BIG fan of video games.  He loves to use my Kindle to play game apps, play the Wii, and play games on a few parent approved websites.  I think he’d play games all the time, if I let him.

While we do limit screen time, there are a few games that I wouldn’t care if he played all the time.  One of them is Jungle Rangers.  It is included in the ifocus System that we recently received for review.  Jungle Rangers is a cognitive training video game that helps youngsters develop memory, focus and attention.  It’s recommended for ages 6-12, but since Mister is advanced, we thought it’d be a great fit.  Plus, since it’s self-adjusting, it recognizes what skill level Mister is at and regulates the game difficulty to him so that he doesn’t get overwhelmed or bored.

Jungle Rangers follows a Boy Ranger and Girl Ranger, and their allies, on a quest to save the island from Dr. Bearhead who plans to destroy the jungle.  Players must pay close attention to defeat Dr. Bearhead.

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I can’t say that I fully understand the science behind it, but it doesn’t matter because keeps Mister interested and helps him focus.  He was a bit frustrated, initially, because he tends to distract easily and wasn’t paying close enough attention to advance in the game.  After I sat down with him and explained how he had to pay attention, he liked it better.  In the sequencing games, I told him that he can count aloud which objects are used, to help him remember the order later.  That seemed to help, as well. Jungle Rangers Game

The thing I like about the game is that it has the ifocus parent’s dashboard.  It records how Mister is doing in the game so that I can monitor it. That helps me know what I need to help him with, which in turn helps prevent future frustration.

The ifocus system comes with a physical exercise plan and nutrition plan you can follow, as well., which allows you to balance video gaming with exercise and nutrition to keep your child on the right track for cognitive and physical development.

All of that, and it’s fun!

You can save 15% off the purchase of the ifocus system at with the code RANGERS15.

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***Product sample received to facilitate review.  All opinions are my own.***

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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