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Join the Gym – Take 2 @GoldsGym #weighinwednesday

I told you last week about the fiasco that was my enrollment in the local gym.  Now for join the gym – take 2.  Hubs and I both did some research on the other gyms in our area, and Gold’s Gym really was the best option for us.  So, on Saturday, we went and enrolled.  I know what you’re going to say… but Gold’s Gym is expensive…

join gym - take 2

It isn’t cheap, but it really isn’t that much more for my husband and I to both join Gold’s than it was going to be for me to go to the other gym on my own.  The other gym annual fee, including enrollment, was $229.20.  It would have been more, but I paid the entire fee in full, so there you are.  I was going to have to pay an additional $9 per week for childcare.  That would get me one hour of childcare for all three kids for three days each week.  Add that to the annual fee, and it was going to cost me $697.20 for the year.  Now, let’s look at the Gold’s Gym fees.  We were able to get a discount on Hubs membership, because of his employer.  His bi-weekly fee is $13.99.  They added me as a second family member for an additional $13.99 bi-weekly.  We each paid a $30 enrollment fee, which brings our annual total to $787.48.  Our membership includes childcare, for up to two hours per child per day, at no additional fee.  So, for less than $91 for the year, hubs was able to join the gym with me, and we can both get in shape.  Oh, yah, and Gold’s Gym has a pool.  Score.

I went on Monday and 5K on the treadmill, in 52:40.  It wasn’t my best run time, but it sure beat sitting on the couch and it beat running in the cold.  After the 5K, I did some abdominal and back exercises.

This morning, I dropped the kidlets in the Kids Club, jumped on the Precor Total Body Crossramp for 15 minutes and then went for I went this morning for my *free* personal fitness assessment that is included with enrollment.  Of course, I realize the personal fitness assessment is provided free of charge in hopes that patrons will become interested in securing the services of a personal trainer.  I went anyway.

body comp analyzer 012914

They have a nifty Tanita Body Composition Analyzer (the model I used runs about $2500!).  It does a printout with your information.  I told her to go ahead and put my age as 38, although my birthday isn’t for a few more days.  I figure I’m closer to 38 than I am to 37.  LOL.   Anyway, we proceeded to the assessment where I did 20 squats, a 43 second plank, a brief upper body workout, and a brief lower body workout.  By brief I mean 12 reps x 3 on each machine.  After I chatted with her for a few minutes, I went and changed Little Miss’ diaper in the Kids Club (they don’t do diapers or bottles for you), then went back out and did some hip abduction/adduction exercises and repeated the abdominal/back exercises.  I had 15 minutes left of my two hours, so I jumped on the treadmill and finished it out there.


As far as measurements go, they are creeping along.  I lost 2.5 inches this week between my upper arms, bust, waist, hips, and thighs.  I think that brings me to just over 9 inches since the first of the year.  It seems uncanny, to me, that 3.1 pounds can equate to over 9 inches, but hey, I won’t argue.  Much of what I have done to this point has just been from watching what I eat.  While I am logging on LoseIt, I haven’t been recording everything.  I’ve gone on the random walk with my kids, but this week is the first week that I’ve actually been able to work out.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the numbers look after a few weeks of discipline!

This last week, Hubs and I were watching and Pastor Craig Groeschel had this to say about discipline…


I cannot tell you how many times that statement has run through my head this week, whether reaching for a snack or grabbing my water bottle instead of my coffee cup, or using my Kindle to read (whodathunkit) rather than to play a game.

I have 65 days until the Go! St Louis 5K and 86 days until The Color Run 5K.  With a little bit of discipline, I’m sure I will do fine in both, and I am excited!

How was your week?

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