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Jambalaya, No!

My DH recently told me that he would like to have more rice dishes.  We have been married for almost three years, and I had never made rice.  Generally speaking, I don’t eat rice.  For some reason, I tend to choke on it.  Not fun.  But… because DH asked, I thought I would try some rice dishes.

First I made a chicken and rice casserole.  It was delicious.  DH made it a point to tell me that I could "make that again."

So, last week I was out doing my grocery run and saw some different flavored rice.  I picked up a few.  Since I don’t eat rice, I’ve never bothered to learn how to season it. 

Well… tonight I made the Jambalaya one.  Being accustomed to cooking PASTA, I paid no heed to the instructions on how much water to put in the pan.  Instead of 2.5 cups in the pan, I put something like 6 cups in there and proceeded to boil it and add the box of seasoned rice.  THEN I picked it up and read the instructions.  Well, I didn’t want rice soup, so I added a cup of minute rice to absorb the extra water and then cooked it as instructed. 

As soon as I removed the lid from the pot, I said to DH, this rice smells spicy…

See, I don’t do spicy.  Seriously.  Most MILD salsa’s are too spicy for me.  I have reflux.  And spicy and reflux don’t mix well. 

So, we sat down to dinner.  After eating a portion of his serving, my DH looked at me and said,
Are your lips on fire?  I’m surprised you’re still eating it."  I had only taken a few bites.  It was far spicier than I could handle.  And that with having MESSED it up!  LOL.  DH even said it was spicy for him, and he tends to like spicy.  Ohmagoodness!  How spicy would it have been if I didn’t mess it up? 

I ended up dumping mine and eating PB&J. 

We have a pot of Jambalaya in the fridge.  Usually we eat left overs one or two nights a week.  But this week, when leftover night comes, it had better be take out.  Jambalaya, No!  I won’t be eating it!

Anyone got any NON-spicy rice dishes that I can try out?  If so, send me an e-mail at ladyvdzine @ yahoo .com  (remove spaces).

Anywho, after that, I had to have some chocolate.  Cause chocolate fixes everything, right?  As I was eating my chocolate, I was reminded of Forrest Gump, and had to laugh.  Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you are gonna get. 

Which prompted tonights freebie. 


You can snag it here.

The box is courtesy of Aquarius Design.  Fonts are Arial and Giddyup. 

This freebie is S4H/S4O okay. 

Be blessed,

Lady V dZine

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