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Jabra Sport Wireless +

Press Sample

In my recent quest for fitness, one of the things I have learned is that I really enjoy listening to music when I run and when I workout.  There is just something about the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement, or the ability to tune out the world, with music in my ears that is refreshing and stimulating.  When I recently received an opportunity to review the new Jabra Sport Wireless +, I had to try it.

I knew that if they wouldn’t fit my tiny ears, Hubs could use them.  I have a really hard time finding in-ear headphones that have ear gels small enough for my ears.  They really are tiny.  I mean, little kid tiny.

See, here’s my tiny ear…

my tiny ear

Told ya.  Tiny.

Anyway, I was hopeful that the Jabra Spore Wireless + would work for me.  I mean, who wouldn’t love a set of headphones with these specs?

  • World class wireless performance that easily controls music and phone calls via the headset buttons
  • Tested against US Military standards for rain, shock and dust resistance
  • 7 sizes of silicone eargels to ensure a secure fit and optimal sound, as well as fit clip for free head movement
  • Powerful bass and FM radio, so you can tune into your favorite radio station and leave your mobile device at home
  • 3 months free Endomondo Premium subscription

Wonderful, right?  With seven sizes of silicone eargels, I was hopeful.  As it turns out Hubs got the new Jabra Sport Wireless +, which he found great humor in.

Jabra Sport Wireless

Doesn’t he look like that cat that ate the cream?

We listen to a Christian radio station, so that is what Hubs tuned it to.  He said he would rate the tuner as a 9 out of 10, because it picked up the major stations in our area but some of the weaker signals it didn’t pick up as well.  He liked the fit of the ear molds and the fact that the system is wireless and that it works with any Bluetooth-enabled device.   He also liked that it is military grade weather and shock proof.

It’s nice to see Hubs smile for a review, but I would be dishonest if I didn’t admit to being jealous that he is the one to enjoy the new Jabra Sport Wireless +.

The Jabra Sport Wireless + retails for $99 and is available on Amazon.

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