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Is It Still Worth It

Have you ever purchased something and wondered a few weeks later, “Why in the world did I spend money on this…” Or, do you have anything that you realized after a few years use that it had stood the test of time and served you well, or as I like to say, more than paid for itself? 

I have a blanket that I am guessing is about twenty years old.  It is a 100% cotton southwestern print blanket from Ralph Lauren. I say I am guessing that it is about twenty years old because this particular print was used by Ralph Lauren back in 1991.  My friend Sara gave the blanket to me in 2001, when we shared an apartment in the suburbs of Chicago.  The couch that I slept on sat in front of a drafty window and I nearly froze every night.  Sara offered me her blanket and I used it every night to ward off the chill.  When Sara got married and moved out, she told me to keep the blanket.  So, I did.  I still use it.  Every winter.  And it has held up beautifully!  If I could find one just like it, I would buy without hesitation.  In fact, I have searched for the same blanket several times online, and have never been able to find it.  But, you can bet, if/when I do, I will add it to our blanket box.  It is certainly Still Worth It

I’ve been doing product reviews for seven months now.  And I have reviewed some pretty cool products, which I then shared with you.  And while I always share my honest opinions about a product when I write about it, I have often wondered what I would write about that same product in a year or ten.  In other words, is it still worth it?

I recently joined a brand new site consumer site,, which is aimed at allowing consumers to tell the world if their purchases are Still Worth It.  It is a consumer opinion site where Jane Q. Public (i.e. your or I) can leave a review about how a product has held up over time. 


The beauty of a site like Still Worth It is that it enables us, as consumers, to make better purchasing decisions by allowing us to make the most educated choice.  And when we make better choices with our money, we have more of it to make choices with.

As a new site, Still Worth It is offering an incentive for people to join and post comments and/or reviews.  When you register and post at least one comment or product review, you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win an Amazon Kindle (MSRV $139) and a $25 Amazon Kindle Gift Card.  One lucky runner up will receive a $50 Best Buy gift card.  This contest ends December 10th at  midnight (EST). 

As you make your way over to Still Worth It, why not “like” them on Still Worth It on Facebook Facebook and follow on Still Worth It on Twitter.

What do you have that is Still Worth It?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Interesting idea for a site! There are so many things I buy, thinking I’ll love it, and it ends up being such a waste. I’ll have to check out the site!