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Is Duck Tape® on Your School Supply List?

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I was wandering through Walmart the other day, and walked past a display of Duck Tape®.  I didn't have Duck Tape® on my school supply list, so I didn't pick any up, but it did get me to thinking.  As the old saying goes, Duck Tape® fixes everything.  I've got it holding my worn out Bible together, and recently added it to Mister's Bible as well.  We haven't crafted with it in the past, but there are kids at my church that make the Duck Tape® flowers and wallets and such.  They are so fun. There are so many projects that can be made with Duck Tape®, I could certainly incorporate some into my homeschool schedule.  When you buy Duck Tape at Walmart, it's relatively inexpensive to take your crafting to the next level.

Duck Tape® is available in so many colorful prints.  I mean, just look at these options! 

As I pondered what I could make with the kidlets, I thought about their superhero capes that they are constantly asking me to get them masks to match.  I could use Duck Tape® to make those masks, and they'd be sturdy enough to last. 

I made a mask template to use on their masks, and thought I'd share it with you.    Duck Tape Mask Template


To make their masks, I'll need Duck Tape®, scissors, elastic, and my mask template. 

I'll start by putting strips of Duck Tape® on the table, with the sticky side up. 
Next I'll layer that Duck Tape® with another layer of tape so that the two sticky sides are together.
Then I'll trace my template onto the Duck Tape®.
Next I'll cut out the mask outline and eye holes. 
Finally, I'll punch the holes for the elastic with my hole punch, and tie the elastic in. If you want it to last longer, you could use grommets and a grommet punch to make the holes for the elastic.  Since my kidlets lose masks like nobody's business, I'll save my grommets.  LOL.

What projects have you made with Duck Tape®?  I'd love to see them!  I'll be sure to post a picture once our masks are completed!


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Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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