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Introducing Lindsay

As you can imagine, things here remain on the crazy busy scale that they were when I added Abby as a contributor last year.  With three kids, homeschooling, ministry, and life in general, things continue to move along at warp speed.

hello lindsay

Funnily enough, Abby is also in ministry and has three kids, so her warp speed life is similar to my own.  So, I’ve decided to one more person to the mix as a contributor.

Lindsay got engaged on Christmas Eve, and she and her fiance have a beautiful little girl and are soon expecting the arrival of a little boy.  Her family loves animals and has quite the menagerie of their own– including four cats (one that is completely blind), one dog, a turtle, and various fish.

Lindsay’s fiance is a Dog Trainer at their local no-kill shelter, where Lindsay also works as a Volunteer Coordinator a few days a week.

She is a country girl at heart, and says, “nothing makes me happier than being a mom!”

Of course, since Lindsay is expecting her second child, her schedule is about to go into overdrive, too.  I look forward to getting to know her and hope you’ll join me in giving her a warm welcome here!

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  1. Welcome Lindsay! Very nice to meet you and I am looking forward to getting to know you through your posts.

  2. Hello Lindsay!!! How great to meet you and learn a little about your life. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Congrats on your engagement! When are you due?

  4. Welcome to a great website! Can’t wait to hear your perspective on things and read your posts.

  5. Well HELLO to Lindsay! I hope to read lots more about you in the future. 🙂

  6. Hi Lindsay! Nice to meet you. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading your posts!

  7. Lindsay Taylor says:

    Thank you everyone for the warm wishes, I am very excited to be a part of the team!

  8. Welcome Lindsay! Definitely looking forward to your posts!

  9. I can’t wait to see posts from Lindsay. And Lindsay it’s amazing that you both work at a no kill shelter, as a fellow animal lover that is so awesome 🙂

  10. Welcome! Good luck with baby #2! Such an exciting (and definitely busy) time!

  11. Nice to meet you Lindsay! I look forward to getting to know you

  12. Welcome Lindsay! Can’t wait to read your posts.

  13. Welcome aboard Lindsay. I look forward to reading your posts.

  14. Hi Lindsay – Congrats on your second child! Looking forward to reading your posts!

  15. 2 kids and 7+ pets will make for one busy Mama. Welcome to the mix, Lindsay.

  16. Looking forward to reading her work! Congrats on having a new contributor!

  17. Hi Lindsay! It’s nice to meet you. Can’t wait to read more about you. Best wishes on the remainder of your pregnancy too 🙂

  18. Welcome to the fold, Lindsay. You’ve joined a blog with a wonderful, warm mama at the helm!

  19. Hi Lindsay, nice to meet you! Being a mom is pretty great, huh?

  20. Welcome Lindsay and congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Needing a new contributor is a great problem to have!

  21. Hi Lindsay and congratulations on your soon to be bundle of joy. Lindsay sounds like a great person and with all those pets, my kids would love visiting her house. 🙂

  22. congrats on finding a good contributor. wishing you both lots of luck

  23. Welcome, Lindsay! So nice to meet you!

  24. Hi Lindsay! Congrats! Looking forward to reading your posts!

  25. Welcome Lindsey! Glad you have some help!

  26. It is nice to meet you “Lindsey.” I look forward to seeing more of you here.

  27. Welcome Lindsey and congrats on the engagement 🙂

  28. Hi Lindsay! Congratulations on your impending arrival. Would love to hear more about the work you do with animals.

  29. Hi Lindsay! Welcome, and looking forward to your future posts!