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Illusion by Frank Peretti

If you enjoy fiction, with a sci-fi twist, you will love Illusion by Frank Peretti, which is his first major release in seven years.  Frank Peretti is the author of New York Times bestsellers This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness, both of which made him one of the foremost storytellers living today.

Frank Peretti IllusionAbout Illusion

Dane and Mandy were a couple, brought together by their love of magic, that were deeply in love.  A popular magic act for forty years, they are preparing to retire when they are tragically separated by a car wreck that claims Mandy’s life.  Or so it seems.

As Dane mourns and tries to rebuild his life without her, Mandy, wakes up in the present as the nineteen-year-old she was in 1970.  Plagued by bizarre memories, she turns to the Frank Peretti Illusionone thing she knows for certain to build a new life… her love of magic.  A grieving Dane goes to see a new magic act and is floored to see the young women, who resembles the women he fell in love with forty years prior.

They begin a furtive relationship as mentor and protégée, but even as Dane tries to sort out who she really is and she tries to understand why she is drawn to him, they are watched by secretive interests who not only possess the answers to Mandy’s powers and misplacement in time but also the roguish ability to decide what will become of her.

This 576 page novel is as emotionally complex as it is transfixing.  At points, I was just as confused as Mandy was.  At other points, just as heartbroken as Dane.   How is it that two master illusionists become the subject of one great illusion—and are quite unaware for the longest time.  Peretti is a master wordsmith and is brilliant at taking the unusual—the unexplainable even—and giving them plausible explanation that is faith based.

I’ll be honest and tell you, the only thing I didn’t like about the book was the cover (top left).  It looked like someone had been hanged, and while I enjoy a good whodunit book, I don’t like gore on the cover.  Fortunately, for whatever reason, the cover was changed for street copy.

Illusion is available on Amazon,, Barnes&, and at Christian retailers nationwide.

***Courtesy copy of the book provided by publisher to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.***

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I need to find more time to read! I used to read Frank Peretti all the time. Sounds like a great book that captures your emotions.

    • Time is at a premium, isn’t it Crystal? I have to force myself to slow down to read from time to time, otherwise I will go months on end with only ready kindergarten level material!

  2. This sounds interesting!