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If You Give a Mom a Coffee Cup



I could have just as easily titled this, “Confessions of an easily distracted Mom…”

If You Give a Mom a Coffee Cup

If you give a mom a coffee cup, chances are, she’ll want some coffee to go in it.
She’ll go to pour a cup of coffee and realize that the coffee pot is empty.
She’ll turn on the faucet, to get water to brew fresh coffee, and realize she no longer hears the washer running.
She’ll turn off the faucet and go to switch the laundry.
As she is switching the laundry, she’ll realize there isn’t enough laundry to fill the washer.
She’ll ask the youngest child to bring her laundry basket in.
Then she’ll hear a cry from the youngest child’s room.
She’ll enter the youngest child’s room to see the laundry basket tipped and laundry on the floor.
She’ll pick up the laundry and find a magazine on the floor.
She’ll pick up the magazine and show it to the youngest child.
The youngest child will set the magazine on the bed, and Mom will realize the bed is unmade.
She’ll make the bed and notice a pair of socks on the floor.
She’ll pick up the socks and remember she was switching laundry loads.
She’ll take the laundry in and put it it in the washer.
As she is adding detergent to the washer, she’ll pour some on her fingers.
After starting the washer, she’ll go to the sink to wash her hands.
When she turns on the faucet, she’ll realize there are dishes to be rinsed.
As she rinses the dishes, she’ll see her coffee cup next to the coffee pot.
And chances are, when she sees her coffee cup, she’ll want some coffee to go in it.
And she’ll realize she never started the pot of fresh coffee.

:::le sigh::

Are you easily distracted, too?

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