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If You Give a Mom a Coffee Cup



I could have just as easily titled this, “Confessions of an easily distracted Mom…”

If You Give a Mom a Coffee Cup

If you give a mom a coffee cup, chances are, she’ll want some coffee to go in it.
She’ll go to pour a cup of coffee and realize that the coffee pot is empty.
She’ll turn on the faucet, to get water to brew fresh coffee, and realize she no longer hears the washer running.
She’ll turn off the faucet and go to switch the laundry.
As she is switching the laundry, she’ll realize there isn’t enough laundry to fill the washer.
She’ll ask the youngest child to bring her laundry basket in.
Then she’ll hear a cry from the youngest child’s room.
She’ll enter the youngest child’s room to see the laundry basket tipped and laundry on the floor.
She’ll pick up the laundry and find a magazine on the floor.
She’ll pick up the magazine and show it to the youngest child.
The youngest child will set the magazine on the bed, and Mom will realize the bed is unmade.
She’ll make the bed and notice a pair of socks on the floor.
She’ll pick up the socks and remember she was switching laundry loads.
She’ll take the laundry in and put it it in the washer.
As she is adding detergent to the washer, she’ll pour some on her fingers.
After starting the washer, she’ll go to the sink to wash her hands.
When she turns on the faucet, she’ll realize there are dishes to be rinsed.
As she rinses the dishes, she’ll see her coffee cup next to the coffee pot.
And chances are, when she sees her coffee cup, she’ll want some coffee to go in it.
And she’ll realize she never started the pot of fresh coffee.

:::le sigh::

Are you easily distracted, too?

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  1. Yes! lol This made me smile.Maybe we are related! 😉

  2. That is so me when I go for a cup of coffee. By the end of the day I am lucky to have had one full cup.

  3. I get more distracted online…by email messages or facebook statuses, and then I remember something I wanted to google, and then I’ll decide to read on a forum and before I know it…I’ve accomplished nothing.

  4. Oh my goodness – this is my day times a thousand! I feel like a mouse running a maze sometimes, LOL. It’s amazing how anything actually ever gets accomplished, isn’t it?

  5. Stuart (Daddy 4-Pigs) says:

    What you need is one of those stay-hot kettles, they’d save you a hell of a lot of exercise! 🙂

  6. Robin Wilson says:

    Oh my gosh, you just described my day! However, I end up with cups all over the house! 🙂 I told my husband the other day I was beginning to wonder if I had ADHD, but he replied that I was just getting old. 🙂 Fifty is Nifty!

  7. hehe! I am not a coffee drinker, but I completely relate!

  8. Am I ever! I’m the most easily distracted person on the planet, I’d wager!

  9. Love this! I need my cup of coffee but I’m easily distracted!

  10. I wrote almost the EXACT same thing, complete with a book cover and all. LOL Great minds think alike? I tried linking to it here in the comments, but your blog won’t allow links in the comments 🙁

    • Lisa- I went and read yours, too. So cute! And so funny that we wrote similar posts almost exactly a year apart! At least your coffee got cold, mine didn’t get brewed. LOL

  11. I totally relate to this. I just went to make a cup of tea and 30 minutes later I remembered why I walked into the kitchen.

  12. Ha! I’m so glad I never got addicted to coffee… my friends go to great lenghts for a cup of jo.

  13. I totally suffer from M.A.D.N.H.D., you know Mommy Attention Deficit Need Hyper Disorder.

  14. I’m not a coffee drinker but yep that pretty much describes my day.

  15. This is totally my life! I get so distracted and then the day is gone and I wonder where it went!

  16. This is totally my life and it usually happens while my husband sits on the couch looking at me quizzically waiting to press play on the movie we were going to watch.

  17. This totally sounds like me!

  18. This is great! I feel like you were spying on me in my home. 🙂 Yes, I am that easily distracted.

  19. This is me, everyday! Today we went down the shore and when we got home hubby said “Why is there beans soaking on the table?” Oh… I did that yesterday morning before we went to the BBQ.. oops!

  20. I am easily distracted, but nothing gets between me & my coffee 😀

  21. Distracted? What? I…. er, ….Squirrel!

    And see I was hoping somewhere that Mom would get a cookie … at least a biscotti to go with her cup of coffee. Yes, I must start a million things every morning and it is a wonder anything is ever accomplished.

  22. Yeah, TOTALLY laughing out loud at this because this is me This is perfection!

  23. I don’t drink coffee but I can tell you I don’t ever really get to drink my hot tea while it is hot! The worst is when I find my tea cup after lunch time and realized I never took a sip that morning. Morning tea becomes afternoon tea real fast then!

  24. I actually made coffee this morning, put in creamer and walked off. ANd by the time I got back to it, I had to make a new cup. Figures, right?