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I will Quill you

Yesterday I got to thinking about porcupines.  You know, the adorable little creatures with quills?

Porcupine, Driggs, ID 2010

The thing about a porcupine is that it’s quills are released on contact.  The porcupine does not set out to pick a fight, but will protect itself from assailants with the spines that are loosely attached to its body.  The porcupine cannot, contrary to popular misconception, shoot its quills.  But if backed into a corner, it will quill you.

The wise see the quills and back off.

I will quill you

The not so wise wish they had…

quilled porcupine


So, how do you hug a porcupine?



This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. OH, that poor pup!

  2. oh nooo that poor dog lol I never seen one of those before not the dog but the porcupine

  3. Wow, those are gorgeous photos (though I’d be scared of them, to be honest)

  4. That poor pup, ouch that looks painful

  5. So cute, but ouch, ouch, ouch!

  6. Oh no – how long did it take to get all of those quills out?

  7. why is he in a tree?

  8. OH that poor doggie. I used to call them pikey cones when I was little lOL

  9. ouch!!! Poor puppy!

  10. That porcupine is so cute!

  11. This made me think of “A Porcupine Named Fluffy”. 🙂 Love the porcupine pic… and poor doggie!

  12. Poor little thing, never gets any hugs!

  13. uhhh why is that one in a tree? lol. But yes those things scare me so bad. I will never go near a porcupine

  14. That poor dog!!

  15. I always thought they shot those things! Nice to know I don’t have to be scared if I see one, just don’t back it into a corner!

  16. Poor puppy! I hope he’s okay!

  17. Yep, you won’t find me near a porcupine LOL!

  18. I love Porcupines!! So cute, but definitely not cuddly!

  19. Oh looking at that picture with the dog reminds me of how many times I had to pull quills out of my dogs when I lived up north. The many many many hours and sometimes a couple of days to pull out quills from their mouths, nose, cheeks, chins, and sometimes even their chest. Dogs are not smart!
    On a side note porcupine is good to eat. My ex landlord cooked some up one time and brought it over for me to try. And it was delicious. I told her the pork chops were excellent and then she informed me that the 2 pork chops I just inhaled was actually porcupine. lol