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I do not like cold weather

And it is cold where I live.  I cannot stand to be cold.  I hate it.  Cold weather makes my bones hurt.  Literally.


So, when Mister gets that little pouty look on his face and asks to ride his bike outside in the cold, it is Hubs that gets to go on duty.

Recently, when Hubs and the kidlets were outdoors so that the kids could ride their bikes, it was cold enough that they need gloves and such.  I ran out to grab a couple of pictures of them, and standing there with my camera in hand, I would have dearly loved some hand warmers!  You know the kind?  The ones that are designed for skiers, but work great for anyone who works or plays out in the cold.  By the time I got inside, my fingers were beet red!  And when Mister came in, despite the fact that he had gloves on, his were purplish red, too.

hand warmersfoot warmers

My Dad used to use the the hand and foot warmers for hunting, which is how I learned about them.   When we were younger, Sis and I would get Dad hunting gear for his birthday.  We always got him doe pee (in a bottle) and hand/foot warmers.  He and my brother still use them if hunting on a particularly cold day.

Anyway, when I lived in Chicago, I was petrified that I would get stranded and freeze to death, so I kept an emergency kit in my vehicle with several sets of hand/foot warmers in it.   I have long since used them all (I would tuck them into my gloves when I was planning on being outside for any length of time), and was reminded by my beet red hands that I need to get some more.  Just like holding a cup of hot cocoa between your hands, minus the caffeine from the chocolate.  Hmmm.  The hand and foot warmers are air activated, so once you open them they start warming up.  The hand warmers stay warm for about ten hours, and the foot warmers for about five hours.  The foot warmers are best for walking or moving continuously and shouldn’t really be used if you are going to be inactive for a long period of time.

What do you do to keep your hands warm in frigid weather?

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  1. I so know what you mean – I don’t like the cold, either! I haven’t been out nearly enough for my toddler’s satisfaction and she doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all! I wear gloves but this would definitely help a lot, handwarmers are a must!

  2. Catherine says:

    Oh, I don’t like the cold, at all, either! I love those warmers. And I could just kiss whomever came up with the idea to put a heater in my car seat, too.

    • Catherine- A seat warmer? I’m adding one of those and a remote starter to my wish list for our next vehicle!

  3. We *love* those hand warmers. It has been cold- even here in Alabama- and we are expecting more snow tomorrow. I especially hate it for my two year old, because he would rather be outdoors than anywhere else. I’m glad your hubby & kids got to go out for a while.

    • Whitney- more snow? Oh no! Yah, my little ones are almost 2 and just turned 3, and would rather be outside than anywhere! Thank God for warm coats and mittens, right?

  4. It as cold as bejeebers here. I have some of those hand warmers but havent used them for some time. They last so long and I hate to waste them if I am only out for under an hour.
    I used them only once this year, and that was when it was -20 with windchill and I was out shoveling.It was that cold wet snow that once you get cold, you’re cold for awhile!

  5. I really know how you feel about that cold, it numbs you to the core! My DH uses those warmers every year for hunting, and & I try to keep some in the car too, just in case… I wish I could ignore it like the kids do, but they sometimes don’t know what is best for them. my youngest grandsons (2&1/2) hates to wear mittens & tears them off as they can put them on him. I wonder if it could be part of his sensory disorder? he takes his socks off as soon as he gets a chance too. LOL! Stay warm, sweetie! winter is still here for a long time, ugh!

  6. Those warmy things helped me survive band competitions with my kids! LOVE them!

  7. I do not like the cold either!! We have been snowed in a few days and getting the kiddos all dressed in their winter gear takes FOREVER. When I plan to hit the mall at 5, I know I won’t actually leave until 7 (true story from tonight LOL.)