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How to Make a Popcorn Card

As I mentioned in my National Good Neighbor Day is Saturday post, we spent our homeschool art class making popcorn cards for our neighbors.  I wanted to share with you how we made them!

First, you’ll need some supplies…

supplies to make a popcorn card

I used the following:

Fresh popcorn bags- from Dollar Tree – $1/pack
Pompom balls- from Dollar Tree – $1/pack
Elmer’s School Glue- available wherever school supplies are sold – $1.19 at Target
Scotch wrinkle-free Glue Sticks- available wherever school supplies are sold – $1/pack Walgreens sale
White card stock- from Office Depot
Plastic popcorn boxes- from Dollar Tree – $1/2
Fiskar’s paper cutter
A large cup (to round the top of the paper)
Microwave popcorn $4 at Schnucks
Yellow ribbon- from Michael’s – $1/roll

First, I asked Mister and Sister to separate the pom pom balls, putting the yellow and white into one container, and everything else into another container.  Yay for color sorting!

Seperate Pom Pom balls

While they were busy doing that, I cut the bottoms of the popcorn bags off at the fold and cut my cardstock.  The bags measured 5 1/2 inches in width, so I cut the cardstock to 5 inches wide. I used the Scotch Wrinkle-Free Gluesticks to adhere the side flaps of the bags together.  I also used the large cup to guide my cut on the first paper, then rounded the tops of all of my “cards.”

Cut popcorn bags and paper

Once I had the inside of the card ready to go, I drew a faint line in pencil for the kids, so they could keep the pom poms above the line.  Then I added Elmer’s School Glue and let them have fun gluing the pom poms in place.

After the “popcorn” dried, I wrote “Popping by to say that we’re glad you’re our neighbor! Happy Good Neighbor Day!” on the cards.  I tied yellow ribbon around bags of popcorn and put them in the plastic popcorn boxes.  On Saturday, we’ll deliver the treats to our neighbors!  I can’t wait to see their faces!

How to make a popcorn card

If their reaction is anything like Mister and Sister’s, then we’ve done well!

National Good Neighbor Day

Look at them… aren’t they the cutest neighbors EVER?

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  1. What a great activity that can be used with so many different themes and so many different uses!
    {can you tell I work in Early Childhood}.
    These would be super cute to invite people over for a movie party!
    Great idea!

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    What a super cute idea! Fun for the kids and I’m sure appreciated by the neighbors.

  3. LOVE this! Can’t wait until my girls are a little older so they can really participate in things like this! Can’t wait to hear how much the neighbors loved them 🙂

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