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How Do You Reward Yourself

This past Monday evening, I tuned in to Mamavation TV and watched as Pete Cohen, the Weight Loss Guru, chatted it up with Leah and the Campaign 8 Mamavation Moms.  As Pete shared, he talked about how many people walk around with a “monkey on their back.” He said that the monkey could be anything you don’t need to carry around, such as weight, stress, old bad habits.

At one point in his presentation, Pete asked how we all reward ourselves when we accomplish something. Many answers somehow included food. Pete then challenged us all to list the ways we could reward ourselves that don’t include food and to use at least one of them in the next week.

As he talked, I kept thinking about the bracelet that I bought myself when I hit the 25lb weight loss mark.  I decided early on in this journey to getting fit that I was going to reward myself when I hit certain goals. Whether with a new book, a piece of jewelry, or a pedicure, I am going to reward myself.  About the jewlery…

You see, back in November, I had the privilege to review a necklace from Novica, which I posted about it here and showed off with this picture…

Novica Necklace

I absolutely fell in love with it, and added the matching bracelet and earrings to my Christmas wish list.

I received the earrings from Santa, and was beyond thrilled.  So, when I reached the 25lb goal, I rewarded myself with this…

Novica Bracelet

Isn’t it a GORGEOUS set?

Novica Jewelry

I absolutely love shopping Novica, and am now trying to decide (with Pete’s encouragement, LOL) what my next reward should be.  I am thinking I would like something with Lapis Lazuli in it, and have narrowed it down to these pieces (at least for now).

Novica JewelryNovica JewelryNovica JewelryNovica Jewelry

However, I also like these…

Novica JewelryNovica JewelryNovica JewelryNovica Jewelry

Perhaps you could help… which do you like best?

I also need to decide if my next goal reward will be at 40 pounds or at 50 pounds… LOL.

I bet you would love Novica, too! Take $10 off any purchase over $40 at! Use code: NOVICA2BK

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Amber Deady says:

    First off, YAY!!! You are looking great, which means you are probably feeling great, which is by far the best motivation. 🙂 Although…pretty jewelry is always nice too. On that note…personally I love the 2nd pictue in each group. The blue necklace and the black/silver necklace. 🙂 Ultimately it’s your choice since you will be the one wearing it, but you asked for opinions, so here ya go!

  2. I LOVE the blue jewelry!! Get that bracelet, sooo pretty!!

  3. Beautiful jewelry! I say keep your goals smaller rather than larger . . . they feel much more attainable and less likely to cause one to give up!

  4. I agree both with the blue & bracelt-so very pretty!!!

    Get it at #40- you deserve it!