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What Honeysuckle?

For nearly seven years, I have lovingly tended a bush in my backyard, one that was there when I moved in.  I thought it was so pretty, that I even tried to propagate it by snipping branches and planting them in hopes they would root.   I planted a whole row of them across the back yard.  Hubs mowed them down.  The next year, I tried again, and even put orange string across the back yard to keep him away from them.  Chop, chop went the mower blade.  I finally gave up, and decided to be happy with the one bush.

That is, until this past Easter, when my Mom stepped into my backyard, took one look and said, “What are YOU doing with a honeysuckle in your yard?”  What?  What honeysuckle?

“That!”  she said, and pointed to my beautiful green bush.  The bush that I loved.  The one that attracted all of my cardinals?  That bush?

honeysuckle bush


I thought honeysuckle grew on vines!

So, I decided to look up honeysuckle on wikipedia.  Apparently, some varieties of honeysuckle are vine, others are bush.

So, what’s the big deal if I have a honeysuckle bush in my back yard?  You mean, other than the fact that I am ALLERGIC to honeysuckle?  Gives me the most horrendous headaches in the world.  No stinking wonder my allergies worsened when I moved into my house, and have been AWFUL every spring since.

Honestly, it never dawned on me that the beautiful bush in the back yard could be the source of my headaches.  After all, my only plant allergies (that I know of) are lilacs and honeysuckle,.  I knew I didn’t have any lilac bushes or honeysuckle vines in my yard.  The neighbor up the street has a lilac bush, so I figured it was all their fault.  LOL.

I had to make a tough decision, and decided that my beautiful bush had to go.  I asked Hubs to get rid of it.  He started by trimming it back drastically.  Poor bush.

honeysuckle bush

Amazingly, within a week of him cutting it back so drastically, my headaches improved and I was able to drop back down to only one allergy pill a day.  Booyah.

This last week, he cut the bush down to the stump.  And today, I started digging up the roots, so we can pull it out all together.

stump removal

Who knew eliminating allergens could be such hard work!

digging up a stump

Too bad I did such a good job taking care of the bush in the first place; those roots go ALL OVER!    Once the stump is completely removed, we will be building part of my raised garden beds over that spot.  I will be putting down landscape fabric at the bottom of my raised beds, to prevent any roots of the honeysuckle bush from trying to surprise me with new plants in the spring.  I guess it’s a good thing Hubs kept mowing down the bushes I tried to plant, right?  LOL.

Did I mention I am getting a rotary compost barrel, to start composting for next year?  I am so stinking excited.

Have you ever nurtured a plant, only to discover you were allergic to it?

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  1. I’ve never “nurtured” a plant much at all…all of my attempts to have ended badly even though I tried. My allergies are usually due to dust or cats/dogs, which is awful since in my home we all want a dog so badly!

  2. Good thing your mom clued you in to what was what!!!!!

  3. I thought they were only vines, too.