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His First Letter

Aunt Cheri told Mister that she would like to be his pen pal.  After I explained pen pals to him, he broke into a wide grin and asked me to help him write a letter. He told me what to write, and then he copied the sentence.  He drew a picture of Aunt Cheri, too.

first letter

Then he wrote his name on the envelope…

first letter

carried it to the mailbox…

first letter

and lifted the flag to tell the mail carrier to take it.

first letter

Man, that does a Mama’s heart proud!

Aunt Cheri is one lucky lady, to be getting his first letter, cuz this proud Mommy selfishly wanted to keep it for his memory box.  I’ll put the pictures in there, instead, though!

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  1. You could have scanned a copy of it for yourself!

  2. Very impressive for à young boy!

  3. AWWW I love when the kids write their own letters to someone. Super sweet.

  4. He did a great job!

  5. Tell Mister I’m jealous, I want a pen pal.

  6. That is the sweetest thing ever.