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How Hippo Says Hello and How Gator Says Good-bye

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If you’ve visited here before, you know that I place a strong emphasis on education and on language.  Mister and Sister watch DVD’s in Spanish, Mandarin, and Hebrew.  I am a HUGE fan of teaching my kids about other languages and cultures.  Little Miss is a bit young to be speaking multiple languages, as she hasn’t mastered much beyond Momma and Dadda yet, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about her language skills.  Sterling Children’s Books recently released two adorable board books that we love. HOW HIPPO SAYS HELLO and HOW GATOR SAYS GOOD-BYE teach how to say “hello” or “good-bye” in seven languages: French, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.
how hippo says hello and how gator says good-byeThese 7×7 board books brightly colored and cutely illustrated. In How Hippo Says Hello, Hippo travels the world to seven different countries, and everywhere he goes, he cheerily greets people in their native language. Kids will have fun trying out these simple foreign words, from “namaste” (India) to “privyet” (Russia). In How Gator Says Good-bye, Gator travels back home (to San Francisco) after visiting China, Japan, and India, to Egypt, Russia, and France, and finally to Argentina. It’s hard to leave friends, but bidding them farewell in their native languages is easy!  These books retail for $6.95 US and $7.95 CA.  They are recommended for children ages 2-4.  Hippo and GatorWhat a cute way to introduce languages to your little ones, and to stress the importance of greeting people (and bidding farewell) in a way they can understand.  Both would make a great addition to Easter baskets, as well.

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