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Hershey Kiss Advent Calendar

I was trying to figure out what to do for an advent calendar for the kidlets this last week.  We’ve never done one before, but I think they are at an age that they will enjoy, and appreciate, the countdown to Christmas.  As I was looking, I found this homemade advent calendar that used Hershey Kisses to countdown to Christmas on, and thought it was a cute idea.  My kids love Hershey Kisses, so what better way to make an inexpensive advent calendar.

I found a cute free printable December calendar with robots on for Mister, and a cute (and free) printable December calendar with a Christmas tree for Sister on  Of course, I could have made my own calendars, but I have a tendency toward last minute ideas.  Anyway, take a look at how our Hershey Kiss Advent Calendar’s turned out…

Hershey Kiss Advent Calendar

To make both calendars, I used:

  • The calendars that I printed
  • Cardboard from a box I tore up (thanks, mail carrier)
  • 46 Hershey kisses in Holiday colors
  • 2 Quarters
  • 2 sheets 12×12 scrapbook paper
  • 48 photo mounting squares from my scrapbook stash (you can use two sided tape, but I didn’t have any)
  • Die cut snowflakes from my scrapbook stash
  • 2 Metallic pipe cleaners
  • My mini glue gun and three glue sticks

I trimmed the cardboard so that I could the 12×12 paper around the edges about a half inch on two sides.  I applied hot glue to one side of the cardboard, applied the 12×12 scrapbook paper, and smoothed it out.  Then I flipped it over, wrapped the edges and glued them down with the mini glue gun.  I applied hot glue to the back of the calendars and affixed them to the front of the decorated cardboard.  Then I used the mini glue gun to affix the die cut snowflakes to the front, and to affix the pipe cleaner to the back to form a hanger.  Then I applied a photo mounting square to the back of 46 Hershey Kisses and put them on the calendars (yes, I pealed all those little blue squares… if you’ve ever scrapbooked, you KNOW what I am talking about). Then I put the Quarters on, and walah!  Two fun DIY Advent Calendars.

Here’s a closer look at Sister’s Christmas Tree Hershey Kiss Advent Calendar.

Chocolate Kiss Advent Calendar

and Mister’s Robot Hershey Kiss Advent Calendar…

Countdown with Kisses

It was less than five bucks to make both!  Score!

Both kids are so excited about getting to eat a piece of chocolate every day!  I think this may be a new tradition.

Do you do advent calendars with your kids?

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