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Healthier snacks with Yoplait! First 50 get a free 4 pack of YoPlus

“Teet, Mommy” is a phrase spoken by my two year old at least twenty times a day.  It’s meaning?  “Eat, Mommy.” 

It seems like Mister is hungry within twenty minutes of eating.  And, as I mentioned in my post, “What’s in a Snack?,” Mister wants cookies, animal crackers, or chips for snacks.  Lately, Mister is also trying to go on a milk strike.  I don’t know what it is about milk, or if it’s just a “I’m two and I want to exert control over something” kind of phase, but I have had to figure out a few creative ways to ensure that he consumes his daily recommended amount of calcium.  I’ve tried flavoring the milk by adding a wee bit of juice or flavored water to it, and he will drink it grudingly. 

But, alas,  I have also discovered the power of yogurt.  Fortunately, both of my kids love it.  Since Mister is allergic to peanuts, and we have to avoid all forms of nuts, or anything processed in or around nuts, I generally buy yogurt in the plain ole vanilla variety and add our own mix-ins.  One of his favorites is apricot banana vanilla yogurt.  I also recently picked up some YoPlait YoPlus Backberry Pomegranate yogurt for myself, because I had clipped a coupon and it was on sale.  Well, I did not get to eat a single bite of it, or the Blueberry Acai mixture that I bought to replace it. 

So, I found another coupon and got a third pack of the Blackberry Pomegranate and hid it in the refrigerator.  I figured, if he ate all of the other two packs in less than a week, it must have been good.. right?  It was yummy.

So, when I had the opportunity to offer you, my blog readers, money saving coupons so that you could try it as well, I jumped at the chance. 

About Yoplait YoPlus yogurt:

  • The newly reformulated Yoplait YoPlus yogurt provides important health benefits in every cup, with the great taste consumers expect from Yoplait
  • Now, with 20 percent of the Daily Value of antioxidant vitamins A and E, a blend of special probiotic cultures and fiber for digestive health, as well as calcium and vitamin D for bone health, YoPlus offers a delicious way to get three steps closer to healthy, balanced living
  • YoPlus Flavors include Blackberry Pomegranate, Blueberry Acai,  Strawberry, Vanilla, Peach and Cherry

The first fifty readers to fill out the form, by clicking on the “Free Yogurt” button below, will receive a free 4 pack of YoPlus yogurt.  Once the 50 four-packs have been claimed, a $1-off coupon will be available. 

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

***Please note*** Yoplait is responsible for the free product and will handle shipment.  I did not receive compensation of any form for this post and the opinions stated herein are my own.

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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