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He Done Lost It #getfit

As you know, I started my journey to fitness last year, had a hiccup with my knee injury, and then started again in January.  On January 12th, to be exact.  When I restarted my journey in January, Hubs joined me in the quest for fitness.

I haven’t said much about his journey, because he has never been one to brag on himself, and I want to honor that.  Today, however, I have to brag on him (with his permission, of course).

Why is today any different than every day in the last four months?  Today is noteworthy because today he made goal.  Here he is, posing next to a picture that was taken before he started losing weight.

weight loss with calorie counting

Here’s a better look from the front…

before pictureafter picture

And from the side…

before weight lossafter weight loss

He has lost a grand total of 47.6 pounds.

No gimmicks.

No shakes, pills, or drops.

No fad “diets.”

He done lost it with #LoseIt.  Yep, just plain ole calorie counting.  We both use to track our calorie budgets and calories consumed.  I also use my Fitbit Ultra to track calories burned, and it syncs to my LoseIt account.

I can’t tell you how stinkin proud I am of him!  His success spurs me on toward my goal, and I am ecstatic that we are building a better future for ourselves, our kids, and our family (as a whole) as we incorporate healthier habits into our lifestyle.

Way to go, honey!  I love you, and couldn’t be prouder! #getfit

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