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Harley Davidson Aero Tricycle

Back in June, we bought Mister a Harley Davidson Aero Tricycle.


Product Description

The Harley Davidson Aero Tricycle has a true Harley Davidson inspired look. It has a sleek custom aerodynamic style body. It also has a comfortable 2 position cruising seat, stylish 10″ chrome wheels and frame. Spiffy see-through windshield. Chrome handlebars with comfortable grip handles. Easy to assemble.

We were originally planning on getting him a tricycle for Christmas this year.  Then we thought perhaps we could wait until Easter next year, since if we got it for Christmas, it would just sit in the basement until the weather got nice.  Then one day, my husband said that he had been reading about toddlers and tricycles, and really thought that we should go ahead and get a tricycle so that Mister could enjoy it now.  He thought that if we waited until next year, Mister would be more ready for a 2-wheel and wouldn’t get much out of the trike.  And then he said he liked the HD Aero.  So, after reading a bunch of reviews (yes, I read reviews, too), we decided to go ahead and get it.

Mister could hardly wait to try his new “motorcycle” once Daddy got it all put together.


After dragging him off of it encouraging him to let us take it outside, he realized it would be WAY more fun out there.


What I thought…

The Harley Davidson Aero Tricycle was easy to assemble, is lightweight, durable, and stable.  It is best used outdoors if your little one is rough at all (smile).

With the seat moved all the way forward, Mister can touch his tip toes to the pedals.  So, he has a bit of growing to do to be able to fully enjoy the trike.  He does occasionally try to pedal, which is cute to watch.  But, mostly he uses his feet to push it along like a Flintstone mobile.

Sister also pushes it with her feet.  Since Sister is a tadbit shorter than Mister, she isn’t able to get on quite as easily, since the seat has a high back.  But once on it, she can motor.

Both kids love it… note to self, next time buy two.

What I would change…

I would add sound effects.

How I rate it…


I give the Harley Davidson Aero Tricycle a roaring five out of five hearts.

Where you can buy it…

The Harley Davidson Aero Tricycle is available on Amazon

Oh, and word to the wise, if you happen to have two toddlers in the home, consider buying two, as this tricycle may induce sibling rivalry.  Hind sight is twenty-twenty, right?


This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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