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Groundhog Lied

Those of us in the Midwest are bracing for a Spring Snowstorm.

Apparently, Punxsutawney Phil has a penchant for lying.


We’re supposed to get 6-10 inches.

The phrase, “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” comes to mind.

Of course, that would keep the little varmint warm, while the rest of us freeze, now wouldn’t it? The LA Times reports that out east, one Butler County Prosecutor, Mike Gmoser, filed an indictment calling for the death of the erroneous forecaster, saying he “purposely, and with prior calculation and design, caused the people to believe that Spring would come early.”  I don’t think his crime deserves the death penalty, but I do wish you’d stay in your hole, Phil.  Just stay in your hole.

How’s the weather your way?

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  1. you need to come to Florida. It’s hot and humid. Spring is definitely here for us :/ It sucks

  2. He certainly did Virginia, he certainly did. Little jerk >;P

  3. We had the weirdest weather yesterday–light rain, then a ton of hail, then sunny skies, back to hail, then heavy rain and snow. Weird, but typical for Oregon.

  4. We are heading back up there on Monday and after looking over the weather, he so lied!

  5. It’s been chillier than usual here too. I am definitely ready for spring!

  6. He SO did! I’ve been saying that for weeks. LOL

  7. Our news station has gotten quite a kick out of the lawsuit. The other day they told about it and ended that the Groundhog has not commented. Then later they said the people in the state that the suit is being filed should make sure their tax dollars aren’t going towards it! Seems some people just don’t have enough to do.

  8. That groundhog better be hiding from me or he’ll be sorry….

  9. haha poor little Phil!

  10. We got another foot of snow last week! I am so done with snow!

  11. Poor Phil. WE finally got a touch of Spring today near Boston!

  12. Sue Hull says:

    I’m in Ca. near Concord and it’s been beautiful here. We had alittle bit of rain one day last wk. Today it was in the mid 70’s. I’m blessed to have it so nice here.Sorry to hear you’re having cold snowy weather there.I always pray for snow but it hasn’t happened yet. Not a lot just a few inches would be great. I love the snow! 🙂

  13. yeah, we just got 4 inches today!

  14. We had a huge rainstorm come through Chicago! We are visiting family in kansas and it SNOWED two days ago!!!! Crazy weather!