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Grafton Rendezvous

I mentioned that we made an impromptu stop at a “Rendezvous by the River,” in Grafton, Illinois, this past weekend.  We stopped because we could see teepee’s by the river, and wanted to know what was going on.  Yah, we’re nosy, eh hem curious, like that.  teepee by Mississippi

When we pulled up, I asked an older gentleman (who happened to be digging in the back of his truck) if he could tell us what was going on.  He responded, “Yes, I can” and smiled.  Insert awkward pause here, as I realize 1) my grammatical blunder, 2) that he is either an English teacher or loves to correct people, and 3)  that I will have to correct myself in front of my children if I want any details.  LOL.

I quickly recovered and rephrased my question correctly and he graciously obliged by explaining that the rendezvous is a gathering of people interested in reliving the history of the fur trade era. He further explained that different rendezvous vary in their degree of authenticity (i.e. not allowing things that wouldn’t have been present in that time period).  The Grafton Rendezvous has a more relaxed dress code than some, and also allows for demonstrations and such.

Grafton Rendezvous


Mister and Sister thought the teepees were pretty cool, and were excited to take a peek inside.


We were actually given permission, by the owner, to enter this particular teepee but there was another little guy in there and his sibling was having a wee bit of trouble coaxing him out.  I could see that scenario replayed with my own two, so we chose to pass on the invitation.

It was so fun watching my children observe a page from the history book. metal worker and bellows

They especially enjoyed the iron works display.

The Grafton Rendezvous is an annual event, and would make a great family tradition.

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  1. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    There is rendezvous In Prairie Du Chein, wi. and I love it they sell all kinds of stuff old stuff also.

  2. Sandra VanHoey says:

    This would have been fun to go see and take the kids too. Somewhere my grandchildren have not had the opportunity to see and I have one that reeally would have loved this