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Go-Go Blanket Review

One of the things that I really despise about cold weather is the battle between carseat straps and coats.  Go-Go BlanketI want my kids to be warm when we travel in the van, but even more so, I want them to be safe.  We all know that there isn’t supposed to be more than a fingerbreadth between the seatbelt and the child.  Add a puffy coat to said child, and you’ve potentially rendered the seatbelt ineffective.

I recently discovered the Go-Go Blanket, which looks like the perfect travel blanket for infants and toddlers.

The Go-Go Blanket was designed by a Grandma when her daughter strapped her grandchildren into their carseats on a cold winter night in nothing but their jammies.  Where were their coats, she thought?  Her daughter explained that federal guidelines for car seat safety indicate that the straps should be no more than one finger’s width away from the baby.  That being the case, she said, there isn’t room for bulky winter outerwear, and blankets just slide right off and onto the floor.  Of course, Grandma understood the safety concern, but she also didn’t like the idea of her wee ones going without at least a blanket.  The following morning, she conceived the idea for the Go-Go Blanket.  The Go-Go Blanket is now a patented carseat blanket that is made in the USA, and is designed to be worn by infants and toddlers while in their carseats.

The Go-Go Blanket is fleece, and is designed to be put on after your little one (infants and toddlers up to size 5) is safely strapped into their car seat or stroller.  Your child’s arms are still free, so they can play with their toys, reach their pacifier, or whatever.  And because it is put on after your child is safely strapped in, you can rest assured that the seatbelt is snug.

We received a Go-Go Blanket for review, in the cupcake design, to use with the new baby.  Since she hasn’t made her appearance yet, I decided to try it on Sister, who is between a 4T and 5 in sizes.  It fit her well, and she was able to play with her giraffe while wearing it.

I washed the Go-Go Blanket and it held up well with the wash.  I didn’t notice any fraying of seems or pilling of the fabric, which is good.

The Go-Go Blanket retails for $24.95, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.  Learn more by liking Go-Go Blanket on Facebook and following Go-Go Blanket on Twitter.

Go-Go Blanket graciously provided a Go-Go Blanket for me for the Baby Shower Gift Guide and has offered to supply one Go-Go Blanket for giveaway (US & Canada) in the upcoming Baby Shower Bonanza Giveaway, so keep your eyes open for it!

Baby Shower Bonanza

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  1. Aren’t they great! Nick has a Go-Go Blanket and it keeps him nice warm in the car.

  2. That is really cute. I bet it is really comfy.

  3. That looks comfy and warm.

  4. We need one of these. I can’t keep a blanket on my youngest when she’s in her car seat. It just gets kicked off or slides off.

  5. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    This is such a good idea I never know how to keep my daughter warm without her coat on while in the carseat. This is perfect!

  6. These look amazing! Whoever came up with this idea dealt with the same situations I do all the time!

  7. Molly Bussler says:

    This would be great to have on the cold winter rides in the where ever.

  8. This is a great design for keeping kids warm while traveling in the car, I love it!