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Glowbug 360º Gusset

Press Sample

With Little Miss becoming increasingly more mobile, making sure her diaper remains leak free is becoming more of a challenge.  Glowbug recently sent me one of their 360º Gusset diapers to review, and it came at the perfect time!

I have one of Glowbug’s older double gusset diapers–which we love– from before they changed their design. I thought it’d be nice to show them to you side by side. As you can see, the new 360º gusset forms a sort of oval ring inside the diaper.

The rest of the diaper is much like their older design.

Overall, we really like this diaper. It’s cute, functional, launders nicely, and hasn’t leaked. I haven’t had to spray poop out of the 360 gusset yet, but I imagine it’s much like spraying a double gusset diaper–a necessary pain. LOL.
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  1. It looks like diapers have come a long way since my three were babies!

  2. sharing with my friend that is having her 1st baby this December. Very nice diapers

  3. The glowbug 360 diaper looks quite stylish. Glad to hear it is very functional as well. I will share this with my group of pregnant friends.

  4. Oh wow – these are so adorable! Sometimes I miss the days when my babies were in diapers…sometimes. LOL

  5. What a little cutie pie!

  6. This looks like an amazing diaper! I will have to look for these for my toddler who never stops moving these days!

  7. I would love to try these on my son!

  8. Those look neat and comfortable for baby!

  9. I remember when I went through several brands hoping for a leakproof variety, but alas that miracle never happened with me little one. There was always a way for him to have an accident. I wish they had this brand back then.

  10. Diapers have come a long way since my kids were little!

  11. Awww.. I loved cloth diapering when my princess was little.. Aren’t they amazing? I think it’s the best thing ever since sliced bread.. they are super cute, convenient, budget friendly and .. heck I Just love them… These look super cute, too..

  12. So cute. We thought about cloth diapering but never ended up doing it.

  13. Those are adorable, as is your little model!

  14. I remember the late 80s early 90s cloth diapers….it is nice to see they have come a long way! I can still remember helping my mom clean them and it was so, so disgusting! I guess that is why I went with disposables….but if I could do it all over again, I’d definitely go the cloth diaper route.

  15. i miss cloth diapering!! also i managed to cloth diaper my younger 2 and never had a sprayer. it can be done.

    ps your baby is wicked cute!!

  16. These diapers are really adorable.

  17. Those are super cut cover ups! wow cloth diapers have come a long way!

  18. Oh my, if those are the cutest! They sound really wonderful. Your darling baby is soooo adorable!

  19. She’s just so darned cute. And a diaper with good gussets = priceless!

  20. Aww, those are so cute. And so is the baby!. lol

  21. This is such a cute product, one of those things that combines beauty and function.

  22. i would love to try cloth diapering out but havent yet :/

  23. You little one is such a cutie! These look like great diapers and it is nice that the company is always improving on a good thing.

  24. I am actually looking into cloth diapers.. I have 2 kids in diapers 14 mos old and 6 week old.. and buying diapers even the store brand is expensive.. but I have no idea how many I would need for each one of my kids a week…. its so confusing to me…

  25. OMGosh she’s so cute! Love the designs too, I haven’t tried Glowbug yet.

  26. Grace Hodgin says:

    There is nothing better than being a dry yet fashionable baby! These look great and wish I’d had them when my kids were small.

  27. We loved our cloth diapers, but I have to mention her shirt…It is so stinkin cute and goes so well with her diaper. So cute!

  28. Wow…those are adorable!

  29. These are so cute, and so is the little model.

  30. Those are really cute diapers

  31. Great designs and i like the nice prints. If i have another baby, I think i’ll cloth diaper.

  32. She is the cutest baby ever!