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Want to give Mom something for Mother’s Day that the healthy side of her, and the chocolate loving side of her will enjoy?  Check out this Something Naughty & Something Nice™ gift from


Something Naughty Something Nice GourmetGiftBasket

The Something Naughty & Something Nice™ gift is comprised of the 48 ounce Torn Ranch Rose, which is an exceptional assortment of dried fruits and fine nuts that are hand picked then elegantly packed to look like a blooming rose.  The arrangement is made of peaches, pears, almonds, cashews, smoky almonds, California colossal pistachios, and ruby red plums.  It is so pretty, and would make a great gift on it’s own.  Add the 13.5 ounce box of Hand Dipped Artisan Truffles, though, and your Mom is sure to swoon!  The truffles included are (2 each) Champagne, Fudge Love, Amaretto and Double Chocolate,  and (3 each) Milk and Dark Fudge Love, and (1 each) Peanut, Pecan, Cashew and Almond Cup.

When the Something Naughty & Something Nice™ gift arrived, I was very impressed with the packaging and the appearance of it all.  I took a ton a photos, then my cell phone took a swan dive into the toilet (courtesy of the 1yo) and lost them all (and a ton of other photos, too).  Suffice it to say, it looks like the picture!!  It is such an elegant gift.

Aside from looking great, it tastes great, too.  The peaches were not my thing, but I don’t really like dried peaches anyway.  The rest of the dried fruit was yummilicious, and the nuts?  Oh my!  The cashews were huge and they all tasted great.  Now, the truffles.  I did have a few.  I had to, they were a review.  The one’s I ate were absolutely amazing.  My 5yo, my resident chocoholic, gave them two thumbs up, too.

I highly recommend the Something Naughty & Something Nice™ gift from

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Not sure if my comment went through. I love my Keurig. I think ours is dying and I will weep.

  2. This is a naughty and nice basket. It looks good too! What a great idea!