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Getting Fit- The Challenge

I’ve decided that working out to the sounds of Angelina Ballerina and Mippy is probably NOT maximizing my workout potential.  So, I added a few songs to my iPod this past week, and have been using it to work out with. I started out with Mandisa, Third Day, and a few others.

On Saturday, I tweeted that I had added Tedashii to my playlist so that I could “Make War” on the elliptical and that it had worked.  I covered 6.5 miles in 70 minutes and burned 1004 kcal.


Admittedly, the last nine minutes were brutal, and I put “Make War” on repeat because I NEEDED it on repeat.  LOL.  I was determined to set a new personal record, and I did it.

Fellow blogger, and #mamavation enthusiast, Patricia (owner/author of and known as @pawf1067 on twitter) tweeted me back that I had motivated her and then said, “Let’s see if I can do more. ;)”


To which I replied that if she beat me, I would have to do it again.


Challenge on. Bring it.

So this morning, before I left for church, I tweeted and asked if she had gotten on the elliptical yet.  Nothing like a little Sunday Morning ribbing, right?  She tweeted me back that she was planning to hit the gym in the afternoon, so I had a while to go before I would know whether or not I had to jump back on the elliptical on my day off or not (I generally take Sundays off from exercise).   She also let me know she had *mentioned* the challenge in her Move It Lose It post for the day.

OH NO!  So, the whole world knew about the challenge, so there was no getting out of fulfilling my end if she beat me.

As the tweeting went back and forth, I just couldn’t help but encourage her, and let her know that I would be clapping and cheering for her if she burned 500 kcal, let alone beat my personal best.  Of course, I had to follow that up with this picture, which I also tweeted at her…

That Bald Chick

I don’t know (yet) whether or not I will have to pound the metal out of my elliptical tomorrow and try to set a new personal best.  Part of me hopes that she beats me (I love a challenge) and part of me (um, yah, that part would be the glutes) hopes that she doesn’t! But all of me KNOWS that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE having friends that will encourage me and support me in this journey to getting fit.  That just rocks!

Speaking of Mamavation, this weeks Mamavation Monday questions are definitely thought provoking.

1. Rank the following fats from most healthy to least healthy: saturated fat, polysatured fat, monosaturated fat, trans fat


monosaturated fat—> polunsaturated fat—> saturated fat—> trans fat

Now, let me tell you what I learned!  Did you know that even healthy fats can become unhealthy when damaged?  Uh huh.  A good, or healthy, fat can be damaged when it is exposed to heat, light, or oxygen.  Um, hello.  Cooking anyone?  So, there is a reason that flaxseed oil comes in a dark bottle and says to refrigerate after opening.  Wow, who knew!

2. How do you measure portion control with your lifestyle?

I am currently calorie counting, so I do use two different scales (one for larger items, one for smaller more precise measurements) as well as measuring cups and spoons.  If we are going to be eating out, and I don’t know it in advance, I order a salad with no dressing and no cheese.  If I know it in advance, I take the time to look up the nutritional information of the items on the menu and decide ahead of time what my calorie budget can allow.

3. What object does a serving size of meat compare to?

I had always heard that a serving size of meat was equal to the palm of your hand, or a deck of cards.  Since it isn’t always handy to have a deck of cards with you, but you always have your hand, I thought it made sense.  But, different hands are different sizes!  So, I suppose the deck of cards would be the best way to determine a serving size of meat, if you don’t have a scale handy.

Tomorrow is an early day for us at the pantry where we volunteer, so I snagged photo of my toes on the scale a day early.


That is 2.6 pounds lost in SIX days (since Monday). WOOT!

I won’t actually record my weight on LoseIt until tomorrow, though, because I don’t want to jumble the calorie calculation.

One eighty five here I come!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win Chef’s Requested steaks.

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  1. You are doing great Virginia!
    Hey, you’re either getting skinnier, or your clothes are getting bigger- your purple blouse is looking a bit loose!
    Keep it up- and keep smiling 🙂

  2. You’re doing great! I need to get back to the exercise bike, pronto!

  3. Hey Virginia,

    Down 1.5lbs from yesterday. Guess yard work was more of a workout than I expected.
    Heading out the door now to go to the gym. Let’s see what I can do today. Hope you can keep up!

    Hugs and we’re doing so great. Love this support through friendly competition. We’re going to be rocking bikini bods in no time.


    PS-Your picture cheering me on is gorgeous!!!!! Love purple on you.

  4. Very exciting!! Great job…I’m rooting for you!

  5. Fabulous challenge! Very nice to have a partner in crime with weight loss. You gals should keep it up and keep pushing.

    Have a great week!

  6. Kimberly says:

    What awesome drive you have!! And umm 1000+ calories?? Wow! A little competition is always just enough to push you when you need it! Have a great week!

  7. Awesome job Virginia. Keep it going girl! (((hugs))))

  8. Good Job!!! That’s awesome and I am glad that you found someone to inspire you. It really helps with motivation.

  9. Way to go! Keep it up!

  10. You go girl!! You’re doing an AMAZING job!!

  11. I am so completely fired up for you with this whole thing!

  12. Awesome! It’s so motivating to have a little friendly challenge! That’s one of the great things I love about Mamavation – we can spur each other on and it helps all of us. There are no losers (except when it comes to losing weight!).

    Great job!