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Getting Fit- Shout Out

It is not easy to maintain focus on fitness goals during a holiday week.  Not easy, but also not impossible.

We had Easter dinner on Saturday for family reasons. Because I knew we’d be having ham and Hubs famous hash brown casserole for dinner, I had raw vegetables (sliced bell peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash) for lunch.  Then at dinner, I had a heaping plate of salad with two (measured) tablespoons of salad dressing.  Because I made the salad, I knew there were not any hidden calories- no croutons, no cheese, no oils, etc.  Everyone has to add their own *goodies* around here!  Then I served myself two slices of ham, two-thirds cup of hash brown casserole, and one cup of orange and honey roasted carrots (which I made instead of the typical brown sugar buttered carrots).  After all the salad, I found it impossible to finish the rest, but had enough of it that I was satisfied.

Later in the evening, we had fruit cocktail pie for dessert, which I made and had substituted fat free cool whip and lite fruit cocktail in.  Now, if I could find a substitute for sweetened condensed milk, I’d have it made!

On Sunday, while everyone nibbled leftovers for lunch, I had more raw veggies.  I knew Hubs planned to make pancakes and bacon for dinner.  I helped him make the pancakes by adding two cups of frozen blueberries to the mix.  To ensure that I hit my protein goals for the day, I used soy butter instead of margarine as my spread, with a touch of light syrup.

My workout schedule this last week mainly consisted of elliptical, upper body, and core exercises.  I did do some lower body, but as I mentioned the other day, I joined a virtual marathon, and already felt like my glutes were going to seek revenge.  My mileage thus far is:

04/18/11- 6.5 miles (check out the video here)
04/19/11- 2.9 miles
04/20/11- 5.5 miles
04/21/11- spent an hour walking, but forgot to turn on the step counter, so I couldn’t record it. Ugh.
04/22/11- 5.5 miles
04/23/11- 5.6 miles
04/25/11- 6.1 miles
Total- 32.1 miles

As you can see, aside from the 1K I am committed to doing on May 1st, I have actually completed the virtual marathon.  I briefly considered attempting to double it (which would be 52.4 miles total), but I don’t think I have time for it.  I will keep recording my daily mileage, and we’ll see what happens.

This week I weighed in at 183.4, which is a loss of 3.8lb from last week. Smile


I will admit, when I saw the 3.8lb loss, I briefly wished that I had hit the 4lb mark, but then I reminded myself that it WAS A HOLIDAY WEEK!  And my calorie count is set to allow me to lose 2lb a week, so the other 1.8 lb was pure HARD WORK on the elliptical and strength training.  That is nothing to shake my head at.  So, I pushed away the “I wish it were 4” thoughts, and reveled in the fact that I ran right past 185!  Woot!  Can we say one seventies, here I come?

By the way, did you notice that the scale shows that my % body fat has dropped below 35 percent?  SCORE!  That was one of my goals, and now I am shooting for it to drop below 30%.

My BMI has also gone down, and within the next five pounds, I should go from being classified as clinically obese to merely overweight.  Can I get a Woot! Woot!

I had the honor this last week of being the Mamavation Sista of the Week.  What fun!  Speaking of Mamavation, this weeks question is:

Q- Who in your world deserves a “shout out” this week for pushing you to better yourself?  What did they do?

I have to say that my husband deserves a “shout out” this week (and every week) for pushing me to be a better me.  Despite the fact that I went from a comfortable size 12 to a cushy size 22 in our less than six year marriage, he has never once criticized me for my weight. He has told me (more than once) that my size does not affect his love for me, and he will love me whether I am 125lb or 225lb.  He has been nothing but supportive of me in my journey to getting fit… from buying the elliptical, to being willing to make diet changes right along with me, to showering me with praise on my achievements, and lending his shoulder on a bad day.  In short, my husband is da’bomb!  I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I am sure glad I did.


I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie+ Workout featuring MizFitOnline from Mamavation.

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  1. I so admire you, Virginia. You’re tenacious and so committed. I love how well you’re doing every week. 🙂