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Getting Fit- Mamavation Monday

Okay, so I have to tell you I totally fell off the calorie count wagon today.  I have many excuses… Mondays are tough.  We volunteer for 4-6 hours on Mondays at a food pantry, and there are always goodies (doughnuts, cake, etc, etc) sitting around.  Then I deliver food to some people that can’t come pick it up.  Then, because we volunteer near my hometown, we are generally visiting family…

Blah. Blah. Blah. 

The truth is, I failed to plan (which meant I planned to fail) well for today.  I started off well, with a banana and protein shake for breakfast, and had pears and green peppers with me to have for lunch.  But, it was a rough morning with the kids, and my will power was beaten down by the time I got out the door, let alone in the van to start the 30 minute drive across the river.

So, in addition to the doughnut that I had, I ended up doing drive thru for the kids on our way to my Sister’s (as they hadn’t eaten lunch yet) and got myself a cheeseburger and fries.

Falling off the wagon hurts.  As in my stomach!  I can’t believe I used to eat that crap routinely.  UGH.  My poor stomach. \

So, I came home and spent 70 minutes pounding the elliptical (30 minutes of it at a resistance of 10, then another 6 at a resistance of 15, then the remainder at 5) and burned 949 calories.  While I certainly burned off the calories I ate, as Alysa from @InspiredRD would say, Ya Can’t Out Train Bad Nutrition. 

So, I am back on the wagon, and back to counting. 

On to some good news…

EatSmart GoFit Scale

The scale did show a loss this week.  Albeit, not as much as I wanted it too, it was still a loss.  And sorry about the poor picture quality on the first image, I tried to turn the flash off to avoid the reflective quality of the scale, but alas, I guess it needs the flash.  LOL. So, here is a better one that shows the weight and % body fat from this morning, but I had to crop my nekkid self reflection out of it.  Oops.

EatSmart GoFit Scale

So, total weight loss thus far is… drumroll please… 35.2 pounds. 

Doing a little dance…

My percent body fat has gone down from 38% on March 22nd to 36.7% today.  I can’t wait to see it drop below 35%!

My percent body muscle has gone from 34% on March 22nd to 35.3% today.


I have to say, I just absolutely LOVE the support I have found in the #mamavation sistahood.  Today when I tweeted about falling off the calorie count wagon, I had an encouraging tweet within minutes from a #mamavation sista.  So, I want to pledge to the Mamavation Sistahood.  I love the hazing tweets from @fitmomtraining and I am going to LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the Campaign 8 Mamavation Moms and their progress.  It is such an encouragement to know that there is a whole community of Moms who want to support each other on their journey to health and fitness.

I am not sure (yet) how I will handle the weekly post requirement for the Sistahood while I am doing my weekly Total Gym Total Mom posts, but I am sure I will figure it out.

The Total Gym Total Mom Challenge begins on June 1st  Want to Take the Total Gym® Challenge! (As Seen on TV with Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley. Lose weight or build muscle. Guaranteed! FREE S&H) with me?

Speaking of encouragement… for those of you who read (and commented) about my HORRID week last week with Mister being sick… thank you for your well wishes for him and encouraging words for me!  I truly appreciate it.  Fortunately, he is back to his 3 year old ACTIVE self and is keeping me on my toes.  Sister still appears to be asymptomatic, so I think we may have avoided germ-sharing this go round!

Okay, now off to bed with me. 

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I am not with the sistahood, but watch your tweets & of course I read your blog and have followed your progress. You are one of my inspirations…. you’re real, and I think you are working your tail off literally.
    There have been days I havent felt like doing alot, and I would see one of your tweets and it would make me get off my duff & take a walk.
    I look forward to your total gym posts & wish I could justify the cost of the equipment but alas not in the cards. I know you will work hard with it, and cant wait to see your results.
    And keep smiling- you’re gorgeous!
    PS- I volunteer at a food bank too, and yep those donuts/sweets are a constant temptation!

  2. Glad to see you are pledging. As you already know, we don’t bite. 🙂

    I will be curious to see what you think of the Total Gym… yes, I have seen the commercials, but rarely order off of tv. Are you getting to review it? Very cool.

    Congrats on your continued weight loss. You are doing great. We all have bad food choice days, but the real question is what we do about it after wards. Keep going strong! Have a great week.

  3. So glad to have you as part of the Sistahood!! This journey is full of daily decisions, even moment-by-moment decisions. Make a bad decision? Then make the next one better! Congrats on the weight loss so far, especially the BMI change – that’s important!

  4. Way to go!!! You are doing amazing!!

  5. Congratulations on the improvements! You know what you need to do with the planning – now do it.