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Getting fit- it is a start

We have been weighing the pros and cons of getting a gym membership versus getting home exercise equipment for several weeks now.  While a gym membership does have the benefit of each of us being able to use various machines, we both pretty much agreed that a gym membership just isn’t feasible with our schedule right now.  I prefer to exercise during the day.  He prefers to exercise in the evening.  We have two young children.  Etc. Etc. Etc. So, we decided it would behoove us to go the route of home exercise equipment.

I prefer an elliptical because of the low impact.  I have nerve damage in my lower back and, according to my pain management specialist, the less impact the better.  Of course, we had an elliptical once before, but I didn’t like it.  The stride was wonky and made you feel like a newborn foal trying to get your legs under you.

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Consequently, it was only used a few times before we sold it.  In my defense, I was pregnant for over half of the time that we owned it, so there.

So, when I said I wanted an elliptical, of course, Hubs was a little less than enthused…

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And had several questions, including…

Will she really use it?
How often will she use it?
What if she doesn’t use it?
What if she quits using it?

I certainly understood his hesitancy, and had to reassure him that I would use it, at least twice a week, and that if I quit using it, he could sell it.

So, last weekend we spent several hours trying out different elliptical equipment.  And we found one that I like!  So, this past weekend,
we purchased it and Hubs put it together.   We purchased the Vision Fitness X30, because it felt smooth and the stride was just right.

Vision Fitness X30 Elliptical

Hubs finished putting it together last night, so today I kept my promise and used it, despite the fact that I am not feeling quite up to par.

30 minute workout summary

Not the best 30 minute workout I have ever had, but it is a start!

Here’s hoping the scale will soon stop screaming HELP every time I step on it!

scale screaming help

My fitness goal?  To whittle my BMI into the healthy range.  One step, or stride, at a time!

What are your fitness goals?

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