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Funny or Die Game Review + Giveaway (1/14)

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Do you and your family suffer from boredom during the holiday season?  Do you find that your brain feels increasingly fuzzy and un-creative after Christmas?  Are you sad that the good (I hope) holiday fun times are over and it’s back to the ho-hum of normal life?  You may be suffering from post-holiday non-laugh-itis.  It’s a real condition.  Hadn’t you heard of it before?  Regardless, I have just the cure!  Recently I got the chance to review the Funny or Die Game,  by Hasbro Games.

Funny or Die Game

The Funny or Die game is based on the hit comedy Web site of the same name and involves players mixing and matching captions with outrageous pictures (some are very funny, some are…interesting, and some are just a little cringe-worthy) to create the funniest joke.  Each player (up to 6 players are allowed) has the opportunity to create their own joke with cards from their own hand or by adding to cards already on the table, in order to win the round.  How do they win, you ask?  Through votes.  Each player also gets two chips (one says “funny” and one says “die”) that they place on the joke that they think is the funniest and the one they think is the worst.  The joke with the most “funny” chips wins, and the participant who created the joke wins the (fake) money that each player submitted to play in the round.  The game is over when the first person runs out of money, and the winner is the person who holds the most money at the end of the game.

Funny or Die Game PlayWe played this game after we finished Christmas Eve dinner and gifts with my side of the family and it was pretty fun!  The directions were a little bit difficult to understand (although I can’t say for certain that this was due to poor communication on Hasbro’s part or because I was EXHAUSTED when I was trying to get us all ready to play), but once we got started there were plenty of laughs and fun to be had!  Just a couple of disclaimers: the game is for ages 13 and up and we figured out why once we started- there is some “mild nudity” depicted in some of the pictures (think: people sitting on toilets, a bare posterior, a naked skier shown from the side and at a distance, etc.) and it isn’t suitable for younger children; and, people who take themselves too seriously should NOT play this game!  We played with my 85 year old Grandma, who still thinks she likes comedy, but who I think really does NOT like comedy.  She could not see the humor in ANY of the jokes we laid down, and I do have to say- exhaustion and slap-happiness aside- we laid down some stinking hilarious stuff!  Needless to say, my grandma lost when she ran out of money first after laying down too many serious jokes.  Regardless, good times!  This might be a good New Years Eve, night in with a few good friends, or college dorm room game!  We will definitely be playing again!

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