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Fun Books by Julia Dweck

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My kids enjoy reading a lot.  They like it even better when Mommy hands over the Kindle and lets them read on their own.  For that reason, I have to keep my Kindle freshly stocked with fun books that they will enjoy.  One author that I’ve found that they enjoy is Julia Dweck.

Mary Had a Sleepy SheepWe have a couple of her books now, and Mister likes to read them to Sister.

Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep is one such cute eBook by Julia Dweck.

Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep is a humorous parody of the old Mother Goose nursery rhyme. Mary’s sheep, Sheppard, is a sluggard and sleeps everywhere Mary takes him.  This does NOT make Mary’s Mom a happy camper.  Reading Blucy

“Young Mary had a little lamb.
His name was Sheppard sheep,
And everywhere that Mary went
That sheep was sure to sleep.”

Mary tries everything to wake up poor Sheppard, from water fights to having Sheppard count men, to turning off the heater.  Will she be able to wake him up?  You’ll have to see for yourself!  Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep is available on Amazon and is free for a short time.

BlucyAnother book by Julia Dweck that Mister and Sister enjoy is Blucy.

Blucy is a fun rhyming story about a blue cat that Mandy adopts from the shelter.  Blucy starts off as a very. naughty. cat.  She hides from Mandy, rolls in jelly beans, and colors on the wall.  Then one day, Mandy gives her a special treat, and Blucy became the finest feline in town.

Sister recently got into trouble for drawing on the wall with crayons, so when Blucy was guilty of the same, Sister was very adamant that he had not acted nicely.  She was pleased when he chose to behave by the end.

Mister and Sister are looking forward to me getting Humpfree the Humpless Camel and Faux Paw by Julia Dweck.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Mary Schuh says:

    I have a Kindle Fire, and I love using it to read to my son! He also likes turning the pages. I’ll check out these books!