Posts May Contain Affiliate Links. See Disclosure. All opinions my own.

FTC Guidelines for Bloggers

What Does This New Pink Button Mean?

^^^Hey, what’s that?^^^

Because we obviously don’t have enough things to do in a day, the FTC has updated their disclosure guidelines for bloggers. As you know, I have a disclosure page and I disclose at the end of each post any material connection to products/services mentioned on this site.  Apparently, that’s not enough, because by the time you get to the end of a post, you may have already clicked on a link.  Now I have to put it up top.

FTC Logo

Can we say overkill?

Here are the buttons you might see up there…

Press SampleSponsored ContentI bought it!<–JK

And here’s what they mean…

Press Sample<–Acceptance of Free Products, Services, etc.

I received free products, services, tickets, invitations, etc, from a company, organization or individual in consideration for review publication.  I am not required to publish a positive review, and all opinions stated are my own.

Sponsored Content<–Advertising

I was paid, whether directly or indirectly, for content.  Where no opinion is stated, it is purely advertorial in nature.  Where an opinion is stated, it is 100% my own- whether good, bad, or ugly.

May Contain Affiliate Links<–Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links every chance I get. These links allow me to earn credit or a portion of the proceeds for any sale or action converted when readers (i.e. you) click on them.  You can bet if there’s a link to Amazon it is an affiliate link! While I do occasionally manually insert affiliate links, it is typically done automatically through an ad service that passes all links on my site through a third party filter to check if the site being linked to has an affiliate program.  If so, I will be credited for any sales generated through that link and will receive a portion of the proceeds. The page that is displayed, after being redirected through the filter, will be the page that was initially linked to. At no time is a link redirected to any page other than the one that was originally linked to.  Because I use services that automatically create affiliate links, I may not always be aware of their inclusion, so you will see this May Contain Affiliate Links at the end of each post.

I’ll Always Be Honest

When I state my opinion on a product or service, it it just that, my opinion.  While the space on my site may be monetized, my opinion cannot be bought or sold.  I will never intentionally endorse a product/service that I cannot stand behind.  My site is a family friendly site, and all products/services on my site are screened with that in mind.

I appreciate you, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for coming back!

For those of you that are also bloggers, I used this button generator and the Easy Shortcode Buttons Plugin to create, customize, and install my buttons.

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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