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Friday Furry Find

While I was reading to the kids tonight, Brian came in and announced that there was a mouse in the flower bed.  Of course, my first thought was, “Oh no!  If there is a mouse in the flower bed now, he will want to be in the basement this winter.  I’m not having it!”

He had been working outdoors, mounting speaker braces and running wiring for the outdoor speakers that he will soon be installing.  Apparently, when he moved the ladder into the former rose bed and started to ascend it, he heard a loud squealing.  He moved the ladder and saw a small furry brown creature.  At which point, he came to get me.

I told him that if there was a mouse in the flower bed, he sure better figure out a way to get rid of it.  To which he replied, “He’s still there, come look.”

And so I did.


That is NOT a mouse.  For which, I am extremely grateful.

In Brian’s defense, this little guy was flipping around quite a bit, trying to figure out where to go, and I couldn’t tell what he was at first either.  Until I saw his tail.

This little guy is a Lagomorpha Leporidae Sylvilagus floridanus.  Yup, it’s a baby Peter Cottontail.


Did you know that rabbits are not rodents?

Rabbits were classified as rodents until the early twentieth century, likely due to their similar appearance, but were given their own order due to some consistent physical differences. For example, rabbits have four incisors in the upper jaw, unlike rodents who only have two.  Rabbits are also almost wholly herbivorous, unlike rodents who eat both meat and vegetation.

Huh.  Who knew?


Unfortunately, this little guys nest mate did not survive.

I did my best to restore his home, and will check in on him a few times over the next couple of days.

On a side note, what is it with me rescuing rabbits in the last few days?

On Wednesday, the kids had been playing outdoors for a bit.  Mister came in because he got too hot.  I looked out the door to see Sister staring intently at the back fence.  There was a bunny caught in the wire fencing that surrounds my blackberry bushes, and it was flailing wildly.  I rushed to grab the wire cutters and gloves, to which my neighbor called out, “Ah, let nature take it’s course.”  Um, not with my eighteen month old daughter watching him flail, buddy.

By the time I got the wire cutters and snipped the wire that was around its neck and foot, the thing was literally heaving.  He was so worn out, that he was virtually limp when I picked him up (in my gloved hands) to move him behind the shed.  Poor Mister kept asking, “That bunny, he’s okay, Mom?”  I told him that Mommy set the bunny free, and if he was okay, he would hop away later.

When I went to check Thursday morning, that bunny was gone.  So, either he hopped away, or something bigger got him.

Of course, I didn’t let the kids see this little guy, or his nest mate that died.  I didn’t want them to try to touch it or anything.  This one didn’t have his eyes open yet, so I imagine he’s still nursing, and I am hoping that his mamma rabbit will come back to him tonight.

I guess only time will tell.

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  1. Awww, OMG I would have to bring him in. How SWEET. I rescue stuff all the time… probably better that I dont have a huge yard anymore, LOL

  2. Awww – poor thing. I used to work at a pet shop and someone brought in a little thing just like that. They found it and wanted to give it rabbits milk – thinking the pet store sold it. I told them they should bring it to a wildlife rehabilitation place. I hope that one had his mommy come back for him. I love rabbits.