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Fresh Feet Review

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How man y of you are in shoes all day for work or on your feet all day?  How many of are in close-toed shoes all day?  Any of you who wear shoes all day ever get nasty, sweaty feet that you just know are going to stink when fresh feetyou finally take your shoes off?  I think we have all been there and we all might feel embarrassed by our stinky sweaty feet, whether it be because our shoes stink when we take them off, our families remark about the smell when we take our shoes off, or we worry that our co-workers will smell our stinky feet/shoes if we sneak a shoe-free moment under the desk during the work day.

Cue Fresh Feet.  Fresh Feet is a product distributed by Fresh Body, and is a great way to keep your feet dry, and therefore un-stinky, despite wearing shoes all day.  Fresh Feet goes on your feet like a lotion, but immediately dries like a talc powder, preventing wetness and the uncomfortable feeling of sweaty feet.

I have to be honest.  I got this product and wondered what I was thinking agreeing to do this review because, well, I stay home with my kids and am barefoot (or just in socks) all day, every day.  How did I pull this review off, you wonder?  Good question.  Luckily, my dear husband (Matt) is in shoes all day long, working in a pharmacy, and he definitely suffers from very stinky, very sweaty feet.  Bingo!  I found my subject!  I gave Matt a tube of the Fresh Feet and instructed him, per the back of the product packaging, to apply the lotion to his dry feet immediately before he put his socks and shoes on before work.  Day one he put the lotion on just the bottoms of his feet, and while the bottoms of his feet did not get sweaty all day long, he hadn’t put it on the tops of his feet or in between his toes and those parts did get sweaty, defeating the purpose of the experiment.  Day two he learned from his mistake and put the lotion all over prior to work.  The verdict (that day and every one since)?  Worked like a charm!  His feet have never not been sweaty since starting this job 13 years ago…until now!  Matt and I recommend this product for anyone who’s in shoes, on their feet all day long, and it is available for purchase here.

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