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Foto Friday- Getrude Grasshopper

Mister and Sister were playing outdoors, when suddenly Mister came running inside, screaming.

are you a grasshopper“Mommy, Mommy, there’s a hopping bug and it jumped right on my hand and then jumped right off.  C’mere, c’mere.  You have to see this.”

I followed him outside, and he chattered the entire way over to the spot where he saw the “hopping bug.”

<—It was none other than Getrude (or Gunther) Grasshopper.

I scooped her up and asked, “Are You a Grasshopper?”

And yes, I took that picture.  I think it turned out great, even if it was a complete accident!

Gertie was pretty big, as far as grasshoppers go.  She was nearly the length of my pinky finger.  Most grasshoppers grow to be about 2 inches long, but I’ve not seen any that big in a long time.  The ones I typically see around our yard are about an inch.  I think Gertie was around the two inch mark, if not bigger.

Did you know that it is believed that that there are between 11,000 and 18,000 different species of grasshoppers?  11,000 of those species are known, and have been documented all over the world.  Where there is grass, there is bound to be grasshoppers.


Anyway, I brought Gertie inside to show her to Hubs.  She jumped out of my hand, and onto the couch, and then the chase was on.

I caught up with her near the kitchen and went to scoop her up again, and she jumped toward Mister.  You should have heard him shriek.  It was hilarious!  Each time I tried to catch her, she jumped away.  Grasshoppers have five eyes, which not only enables them to see long distances, but also forwards, backwards and sideways.  No wonder the little jumpers are so hard to catch!

I finally caught her, and asked Hubs to help me snap a few photos before I set her free again.  Here they are…


I had forgotten how far a grasshopper can jump!  Gertie literally jumped half the distance of our kitchen, which is about thirteen feet!

And two more just before she jumped out the door…


Did you know that grasshoppers don’t have ears?  It is amazing to me that anything without ears can sing.  In fact, the grasshopper’s song may be the culprit of some of my recent sleepless nights.  Although I’m not sure if it would be Gertrude or her suitor making this racket.

Do you like grasshoppers?

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  1. I never really though about whether they had ears or not, but now I know lol. Those are some great photos and who knew that there were so many different types of grasshoppers. You learn something new everyday.

  2. Oh my gosh, that thing is huge!

  3. That is a huge bug! I can see why Mister shrieked!

  4. You are brave!! I get the heeby-jeebies just looking at that thing in your hand!

  5. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I hate grasshoppers. They are out in full force where I live. I leave them alone and hope they do the same for me. LOL I’m impressed that you just scooped him up without a thought! I could never do it.

  6. That is huge! My tarantula would love it. Hehe

  7. I just saw a big one on my sidewalk. Not quite as big as Gertrude though…lol

  8. Night Owl Mama says:

    WOW Is that ever so cool that is great it let you hold it

  9. Oh my! I am easily scared, eek!

  10. I can’t believe it stayed on your fingers without jumping off! I don’t like those, but they’re better than crickets. Crickets are disgusting!

  11. So cool, we love catching grasshoppers.

  12. That thing is huge and no thank you, grasshoppers give me the creeps. And yes they do jump far and they always manage to jump my direction when I am out on my walk/runs.

  13. Oh my goodness, he is a big one!! tooo cute 🙂

  14. I don’t like bugs at all but I must admit that grasshoppers are beautiful in an eerie way!

  15. ACK I get the heeby jeebies however you spell it lol

  16. This is the cutest pictures of grass hoppers I’ve ever seen. I would probably be scared to hold her, but I love and respect all bugs, just as long as I don’t touch them :).

  17. Umm, I don’t take well to bugs and get all squirmy. I could have never gotten that close to take a picture let alone having it in my hand.

  18. They’re okay, I guess. I don’t really like any bugs in person!

  19. Oh no I am too scared of bugs. Anything that is little and moves fast or flies freak me out!

  20. You’re more brave than I am. I couldn’t have held it.

  21. Ick…that is not my idea of fun, lol.

  22. I had forgotten how huge those things could get. Ick!