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Foam Flooring

Several years ago, we used reversible foam floor mat’s to cushion our basement floor.  We did this for several reasons.  First, our basement is several degrees cooler than the main floor of the house.  We didn’t particularly want to walk on that concrete.  Second, when my Sister-in-Law visits, she generally sleeps on a mattress that is placed on the floor in the basement (no- we don’t have a frame for it).  Putting it directly on the concrete would make for quite an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement.

Anyway, having the foam flooring on our basement floor has worked out great.  The kids play down there, and everyone that comes over comments on “what a great idea” it was.

Fast forward to January.

Sister was diagnosed with asthma last year, due to a chronic cough that was unrelieved by anything other than asthma medications, and she is a cold weather reactor.  So, when winter set in, and we had to kick on the heat, we noticed that her coughing increased quite a bit, and had to start up her breathing treatments, which were twice a day.  Yes, I said were.

See, the previous owner of our home had dogs.  And apparently, Sister’s bedroom is where the dogs were kept when she worked.  The ONLY time you could EVER tell that there had been a dog in our house is when the heat kicks on, and then an area of the carpet in that room had a very faint (but still present) dog or dog urine odor, despite having had the carpets cleaned several times.   It happens to be the area over which Sister’s bed was.  And when the heat kicked on, her cough kicked in.

Hubs and I have talked about doing hard flooring throughout our home to cut down on airborne allergens- whether hardwood, laminate, tile, whatever- in light of Sister’s asthma since getting rid of carpet is recommended to help reduce asthma triggers.   But, it just isn’t in the budget right now.  After talking about it for several days, we decided to pull up the carpet in Sister’s room and replace it with the foam flooring until we can have all of the floors done at once.

This is what it looked like before…

girls bedroom

a work in progress…

removing carpet padding Oreck Edge Util-A-Matfoam flooring

I have to confess, Hubs did all of the work.  He pulled up the carpet, the padding, measured and cut the foam squares, and everything!

I have to say, he did a fine job!  Just look at the finished room…

foam flooring

The funny thing is, after we removed the carpet and installed the foam flooring, we noted a remarkable reduction in Sister’s cough.  In fact, within about a week, she had stopped coughing indoors altogether, and would only start coughing when out in the cold weather.  Since then, we were able to stop Sister’s routine breathing treatments (with pediatrician’s approval, of course), and now she only has to do breathing treatments as needed–she’s had TWO since the middle of January!


It has now been nearly two and a half months since we replaced the carpeting with the foam, and we love it.  The mats are child safe, waterproof (so they protect the floor underneath), flame retardant (very important), anti-slip, shock absorbent, and clean easily with soap and water.  The only thing I have noticed is that they are not on speaking terms with the vacuum, as it does leave marks on them if I use it in there.  So, I sweep if needed.

We plan to do Mister’s room next.

You can find multi-purpose foam floor squares on

Please note- we paid for the foam squares out of our own pocket!

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Neat idea.

    We used to use foam flooring when our kiddos were smaller in their play area.

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  4. Michelle jadaa says:

    So glad it worked.We have the same flooring in our basement for the exercise area it works great 🙂

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  7. What a great idea! I have been tempted to do the same in the kids room to protect the current floors from kid related damage.

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