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Flowers for Every Occasion

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Flowers are one of the gifts for her with which you could hardly ever go wrong.  In fact, flowers are an appropriate gift for just about any occasion.

gerbera charmgerbera loveI think my all time favorite flower is the Gerbera daisy.  Who can resist the charm of a Gerbera…

<—aside from my daughter, of course… Most of you know that Sister IS our Valentine, since she was born on Valentine’s Day.  The Gerbera she is pictured with was her first flower.

She was eventually won over by powerful petals. –>

Did you know that different flowers, when given as gifts, carry different meanings?  In fact, different colors of the same flower carry different meaning.  Even roses, one of the most popular Valentines Day flowers, bear different meanings by color.  Red, of course, indicates passionate love.  But, did you know that a light pink rose symbolizes admiration while a yellow rose indicates friendship?  And rose moss, the first confession of love?  I don’t pretend to know every flower’s meaning, but I do know a few…

The Alstroemeria is the flower of friendship, and symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and fortune.  The Alstroemeria is the perfect flower to give for a graduation, new friendship, housewarming gift, or for a new job.

The Bird of Paradise symbolizes joy, excitement, and wonderful anticipation.  It is a great gift for the mother-to-be or bride-to-be.

The cactus symbolizes bravery and endurance (no surprises there).

Carnations are one of those flowers that have different meanings for different colors, just as roses do.  Overall, carnations symbolize pride and beauty.  By color, the meanings are: red is for love, pride, and admiration; pink indicates the love of a woman or a mother; purple symbolizes capriciousness; white symbolizes innocence and pure love; a striped carnation indicates refusal and a yellow carnation indicates disdain or disappointment.  I would

Daffodils symbolize chivalry, new beginnings, and eternal life, although you shouldn’t give just one—because it indicates misfortune.  A bunch of daffodils symbolize joy and happiness.

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity.  A Gerbera Daisy conveys cheerfulness and are perfect as thank you gifts.

The Gladiolus symbolizes strength of character, faithfulness, and honor.  A perfect gift for graduation, nursing pinning ceremonies, and officer commissioning.

Lilies, one of my all time favorite flowers, have different meanings according to type.  A stargazer lily indicates ambition while a day lily symbolizes enthusiasm.

Peonies symbolize healing and are a great flower to send well wishes for recovery or as an indication of your sympathy.

Sunflowers indicate adoration.

Zinnia’s indicate thoughts of absent friends and are the perfect gift to send to a friend separated by distance.

As you can see, traditionally, different flowers mean different things.  But, the thing is, when I receive a flower, I treasure it for what it is… a gesture that someone thought enough of me to send something beautiful!  If you do want to give a flower for it’s meaning, though, most florists can help you pick the right one.

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  1. My favorite flowers are Zinnia, gerbera daisies, and purple iris.

  2. I love getting flowers, but prefer the ones with little scent as I am sensitive to smell.

  3. Flowers are the perfect Valentines Day gift! I love iris’s!

  4. I never get flowers but I do love them LOL. Can you send a hint to my husband.

  5. Oh I agree you can’t go wrong with flowers. Last Valentines Day my husband sent me a gorgeous bouquet.

    Flowers are great cause you know they’ll put a smile on the recipient’s face!

  6. Aw such cute photo’s!!! I heart flowers.. don’t normally get them.. might need to send them to myself hehe!

  7. I love potted flowers that can last longer than cut ones. (Plus I think those Gerbera daisies clean the air too!)

  8. Sister IS a little flower! As pretty as the flower is, she is more beautiful 🙂

  9. I love flowers!! She is indeed a beautiful girl!

  10. Flowers are great for Valentines Day. My daughters middle name is Rose so we get her roses for birthdays and stuff.

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  13. I love iris and hibiscus flowers. Receiving them for “no reason” is the best feeling

  14. I keep telling my husband that I love flowers.

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  16. I had no idea flowers had so much meaning

  17. I love wild flowers, but not huge on them because I don’t have a green thumb and they just die. :/

  18. I love that she was born on Valentine’s Day! We used to have the option of buying carnations on V-Day in school and send them to other students. They came in different colors for different meanings, just like your roses.

  19. I love getting fresh flowers any time, they liven up the place and make me smile.

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  21. I love flowers!! Just not the real expensive ones!!

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  24. I love Gerbera daisies too–such cute pictures! I knew that different flowers have different meanings, but I really had no idea what any of the meanings were until reading this. 😉 I’m surprised that the cactus has a meaning!

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