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Flag Etiquette

In the coming week, many Americans will celebrate the independence of our nation.  Over the last week or so, I have seen Old Glory, the symbol of our nations rich heritage and freedom, popping up all over the place.   There is just something about the flag, displayed correctly, that strikes chords of humility, gratitude, respect, and pride deep within me. 

Seeing the flag displayed incorrectly also does something to me, though far less pretty.  Honestly, it aggravates me to no end.   I can’t tell you how many times I have been tempted to knock on a door and explain flag etiquette to innocent offenders.  Rather than risk life, and limb, I am sharing a gentle reminder here… celebrate with honor and respect!


Have fun, and be safe, as you celebrate this week!

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  1. Our Small Hours says:

    Very useful! Thanks for posting this. I pinned it and stumbled it.

  2. That is awesome! My husband is very set on doing things correctly, and he knows how to fold flags depending on various things, so he would love this infographic!

  3. Great info graphic. Hubby just got his grandfather’s flag from the war.

  4. This is great! We could all use a refresher this time of year.

  5. great infographic thanks for sharing.

  6. I learned flag etiquette from Brownies and Girl Scouts.

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful information.

  8. SOOOOO happy to see something like this out there for everyone. THANK YOU!!!

  9. Great reminder — I still remember learning flag etiquette in school as a kid, including how to fold, etc. I hope that is something that is still taught!

  10. Thanks for sharing!