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Five Things I Wouldn’t Want to Live Without

Trisha, over at MomDot, is hosting a fun little blog prompt and I thought I’d join in this week since I haven’t done one in a while.  The challenge was to walk around the house and show  five THINGS I cannot live with out daily. Not people…not pets….things.  So, here goes…


Five Things I wouldn’t Want to Live Without Daily…


1.  My Bibles 

My Bibles

Yes, that was plural.  My favorite one is getting all worn out and is now duck taped.  The one on my nightstand is my Serendipity Bible (NIV), which has a bunch of study questions in the margins.  It’s pretty cool.  The latest addition is the Every Day Matters Bible for Women (NLT) which I am reviewing.  I also have YouVersion on my Kindle Fire and iPod.  Of course, I have His word hidden in my heart, as well, so if you took my Bible I wouldn’t be completely defenseless.

2.  Books, Books, and More Books

Books Books and More Books

I love to read.  I have books all over the house (literally), and thousands more in my Kindle.  My kids have quite a collection as well.  About twice a year, I comb through our books and donate the ones that we don’t want/need anymore, so we can make room for more.

3.  Coffee


Hot or cold, I like my coffee.  While I am, admittedly, an addict, I do like the flavor of coffee.  Coffee candy, coffee ice cream, coffee cake, coffee, coffee, coffee.  I started drinking coffee when I was two years old.  TWO YEARS OLD.  My Mom would add cold water to her coffee so that I didn’t burn myself when I grabbed her cup.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  In fact, my husband once gave me coffee from the Dominican Republic as a gift, because he knew it was my favorite coffee in the world.  Ah, Santa Domingo Café Moledo.  Best. Stuff.  EVAH.  In the absence of the good stuff, I will use the stuff in the can.

4. My Rocking Chair

My Rocking Chair

I literally went without groceries for this rocking chair.  I was out window shopping with a friend.  I had a mortgage on a house that I wasn’t living in, more bills than I could shake a stick at, and tuition to pay.  I saw this unfinished chair and fell in love.  I sat in it and knew it was made for ME and that I would rock my babies in it one day.  I plunked down the equivalent of an entire months pay and carried it out.  That was nearly fourteen years ago.  This chair has been with me through it all… a home of my own, an apartment in the WORST part of the crack neighborhood, it has been crammed into a 10×10 bedroom with all of my earthly possessions, stuck in the corner of a dorm room, and traveled two states.  It now sits in the living room of our home.  There is nothing quite like sitting in my rocking chair, reading my Bible and sipping coffee before the kids get up… or snuggling with them, thinking of all the times I rocked them in it.

5. My Canon Elph

Canon Elph

As I mentioned in my An Elph Picked My Pocket post, I bought the Canon ELPH 110 HS after my Canon ELPH SD940 IS took a swan dive out of pocket and crashed with loud protest.  I had been saving for a DSLR, but this little blue elph is always within reach.  Which is why I can capture moments like these…

Mister with Bruce the MooseMy Little Puddle Jumper

Helping Mommy CookClimbing a tree

I love it.

Nuff said.

What about you?  What are five things you wouldn’t want to live without?  Be sure to check out Trisha’s five things post.

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