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Fisher-Price Convertible Crib

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When Mister and Sister were baby’s, we had them room in with us until they were three months old.  That was about the time they started sleeping through the night consistently.  As we were looking toward moving Little Miss into her own room at night, I learned that the drop side crib we had in her room was actually under recall!  Say, what?  Needless to say, I was overjoyed when I received an opportunity to review one of the new Fisher-Price Convertible Cribs, which are available at!

The new Fisher-Price Convertible Cribs is versatile and sturdy, not to mention absolutely beautiful.  It transitions to a toddler bed and daybed, and with several styles/colors available, there is sure to be one that is perfect for your nursery!

We received the Fisher-Price Kingsport Crib in Espresso and fell in love with it!  It has the “Right Height” feature, which is an adjustable height crib with a fixed side rail.  The adjustable height allows you to adjust the height of their crib for easier access to baby. No more one size fits all! With my 5’4.5” stature, that is awesome!!!  Hubs made short work of assembling the crib, and he had a little help from Sister.

Fisher-Price Crib Assembly

He initially assembled it without the height adjusters on it, since I am shorter, but I ended up asking him to add them to it.  I’d rather reach a little farther than have to stoop to pick her up.  As you can see, the Fisher-Price Convertible Crib is gorgeous, and the espresso colored wood nicely compliments our nursery décor.   It is handcrafted of New Zealand pine, is available in Snow White or Espresso, and has a 3-position adjustable mattress platform.

Fisher-Price Crib Assembled

Little Miss has consented to nap in the crib, but for whatever reason will not sleep in it at night.  Apparently naptime sleep and nighttime sleep are controlled by different parts of the brain.  Huh, who knew.

Fisher-Price Crib In Use

This crib will convert to a toddler bed, a daybed, and/or a full size bed with headboard or headboard and footboard.  As a crib, it has a 50lb weight limit.  An optional guardrail is sold separately, to keep those mobile toddlers safer.

I am simply thrilled with our new crib and am ecstatic that it meets or exceeds US safety standards, is JPMA certified, and meets all ASTM and CPSC safety standards.




The all new Fisher-Price Convertible Cribs are available at and range from $119.98 to $249, making them affordable in nearly any budget!

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Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. That is one beautiful crib! It doesn’t seem too hard to put together either! I love it! I also like the idea of it converting to a toddler bed. Oh. And. Little Miss is ADORABLE in her crib!! 🙂

  2. I LOVE the arch on the back. It’s one of my favorite things to look for in convertible cribs.

  3. Who knew Fisher Price made such beautiful cribs?!

  4. Lauren Powell says:

    I wish I would’ve seen this before we purchased our crib. This crib looks far better than ours and less expensive!!! What a great purchase!!!!

  5. Nice crib. The 2 cribs we have used are drop rail cribs we got from family members. If we were to buy a new one this would be a good choice though.

  6. One Southern Girl says:

    Love the color… and it looks distinguished. Convertible cribs are kinda my favorite… you get so many different options with them!

  7. Looks like a good quality product

  8. That is such a cute crib and it doesn’t look that hard to put together. Very Cute!

  9. I didn’t realize that Fisher-Price made cribs! It looks like top notch quality!

  10. Ours finally got ‘recalled’ but they sent a fix-it kit to stabilize the side. We rarely used the drop side anyway, I’m even shorter than you, and the mattress itself moves up and down, so that works for us still, baby due in December. Finally got big sister #2 out of the crib and into a big girl bed.

  11. Lisa Brown says:

    love the dark wood look of a crib. a nice change from white.

  12. Cute crib! I like the dark wood, very unique!

  13. What a nice looking crib! Love the dark wood!

  14. Absolutely love the Crib. Wish they had them that nice when my babies were born!

  15. kathy pease says:

    That is one gorgeous crib..I had no clue fisher price made cribs but they sure made a beautiful one 🙂

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  18. Richard Hicks says:

    This is a beautiful crib. Get a lot of bang for your buck with its versatility

  19. I like how it grows with the child. And looks good too.

  20. I think the child I babysit has the same crib! It’s a gorgeous color and looks so grown up.

  21. Mya Murphy says:

    It is a nice crib.

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    Awesome looking crib! Definitely emailing this to my newlywed friends :D.

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