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First Day of School

I know I’ve been remiss in posting lately, and I do apologize.  It’s been with good reason, though.  I have been getting ready for school.  Planning lessons, setting up our “classroom”, putting up posters, and what not.  We are homeschooling preschool again this year, and I have the two best students around town!!

Today was our first day of school for the year and they were SO excited. 

first day of school

first day of school

While I did do homeschool preschool last year, it was really more of a hodge podge of workbooks with Mister, and Sister colored while Mister and I worked.  We typically worked at the kitchen table, and it was really just when Mister asked to “do school.”

This year we are approaching preschool differently.  Each of the kids has their own desk and chair.  We have our flags hanging and the Pledges of Allegiance are displayed on the wall.  We will be following a lesson plan, and I will be recording hours.  I don’t have to record hours until each child is seven, but I am so sanguine that I am starting now so that I can have it well practiced by the time I am required to do it.  LOL.

The biggest difference between this year and last year is that we are actually following a formal kindergarten curriculum for Mister.  Our curriculum line up for the year is:

Abeka K5 Phonics, Reading, and Writing
Abeka K5 Numbers
Abeka K5 God’s World (Science)
You Can Change the World: Learning to Pray for People in Other Countries (Social Studies)
The Complete Daily Curriculum for Early Childhood (sections for art, music, etc)

Mister has already conquered the skills needed for the Abeka K4 curriculum, so we decided to go with the Abeka K5 curriculum.  Sister is only three, and isn’t really interested in school yet (which is fine, she’s only three) so she has the option to either work along side him, color while we work, or play while we work. 

Even though Mister is doing kindergarten work this year, we decided against calling it kindergarten.  Initially I was going to call it kindergarten, because, well, that IS the work he is able to do.  After talking with a fellow homeschooler, though, I decided to call it Advanced Preschool.  The rationale is that when we enroll him in things through the community, I want him to be with his age peers.  Most of the things in the community are based on grade level.  If I tell him he is in Kindergarten, then enroll him in a local VBS or sports team and tell them he’s in preschool one of two things will happen… A) he will think I have lied or B) he will be confused and/or hurt because he’s been “demoted.”  Of course, I don’t want either.  So, advanced preschool it is. 

Semantics?  Perhaps. 

Reasonable?  Certainly.

Worth it if it avoids causing him confusion or pain?  Definitely! 

Anyway, all that to say that today was our first day of school, and it went really well. 

I am excited for the rest of the year!  

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